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Prophetic Word: “When My Vow Became A God” — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing your testimony. Now how do we know the vow we made is not from God?
    and how can we come out from it?

  2. Your testimony is samething I lived..except my husband was a pastor..such abuse I endured, sexually, physically and emotionally, but by the grace of God, His hand and favor over my life, I overcame and still standing. He died alone of seizures and a heart attack..after 17 yrs alone niw in my 70’s God has brought me a wonderful, loving husband..I so much appreciate.Thank God for patience and perserverance. Thank you for sharing..God bless

  3. Thank you for sharing i went through same abusive marriage coz of alcohol problem he had but I was too young to know.. I divorced and he passed on after many years of drinking. I forgave him.
    Waiting for God to bless me with the right man this time. After 20 years of divorce.

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