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Some Simple Thoughts and Notes on Praise and Worship — 2 Comments

  1. Joyce, it is so powerful to stop and realize the simplicity of Praise that flows out of a heart of thanksgiving and love that produces real worship to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Thanks for the reminders of the door that takes us into the depths of intercession, not just prayer requests. May all who hear the call enter into the WAR room. That is the way we shall win this WAR..join Jesus in prayer as He faithfully makes intercession a the right hand of God for us. Bless you..Sandi

    • Thank you much, Sandi. Absolutely the war room, we must enter! Praise and worship to help us get there! Oh Lord for you to keep us on tract daily. I so feel your heart and dedication to the Lord! God bless you. Prayers, hugs & love. Joyce

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