Sorry – YOU don’t Fit in Here!

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We’re in Trying Times!

No doubt about it, we are in trying times.  However, if you are considering hunkering down and remaining silent you should think again.

The greater the darkness grows the more visible the light will be.  If you shine a flashlight while standing in the mid-day sun will anyone even see it?  Of course not!

However, if you go out at midnight and shine that same flashlight, everyone in the area will see it.

It is not noon anymore.  The sun has faded over the western horizon.  Do you have fresh batteries in your flashlight?

Are you shining it so that all who stumble in the dark will see?

Our God is coming soon.  Ditch self protection and hold tightly to His protection.  Bring your spotlight and head out into the darkness.  It isn’t hard to find.

May the blind see because Jesus is shining brightly through you!

Sorry – YOU don’t Fit in Here!

Imagine walking across the hot desert.  You are dying of thirst and in desperate need of water.  Just when you are about to give up hope you notice a patch of green in the midst of this seemingly endless arid desert.  You hone in on it knowing that an oasis is the only hope that remains.

Summonsing the last of your energy you bridge the gap and arrive in this place of refreshment.  Here there is a spring fed pool bubbling up.  The water is cool and clear.  You fall to your knees and begin to eagerly lap up the life giving waters.

Just as life and hope begin to return to you a man appears seemingly out of nowhere.  He informs you that this pool is private and without permission you are not permitted to drink from it.  Neither may you remain in the area to take refuge beneath the shelter of the green leaves of the surrounding palms.

Just as you find life you are informed that it is not for you.  You stumble onward into the vast desert.  No hope remains.  You cannot believe that such cruelty or inhumane treatment were possible.

You may say to yourself, “No one would be so cruel as to deny someone dying of thirst a drink of cool water” yet this is exactly what is happening in many of our churches today.

Many a weary traveler comes into our midst thirsty for water that will satisfy their souls only to be shunned and snubbed by the “churched” because they clearly don’t fit in.

The job of the body is not to growl like junkyard dogs every time a trespasser crosses the threshold of our doors.  It is our place to welcome all who come seeking.  It is our job to extend to them handshakes, hugs and smiles.  It is our job to ask them if they need prayer or if there is some way we can help.  Lives depend on it.

Christ is the water that quenches our thirst and while we are stewards to this wellspring of life we are not owners.  At one point or another it is we who came out of the desert in need of refreshment.  It is we that, apart from this pool, would have perished in this parched land.

Let us offer a cool drink of water to the weary travelers and invite them to kneel beside the pool until they have had their fill.


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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