Total Restoration of Promise!


Your betrayal was necessary, but this cross won’t kill you!

You are coming all the way out.  Yes, the LORD wants you to know, what you have seen is true.  Yes, they hated on you, hated what you stood for and even your integrity.

They did you wrong when you stood by them, but you must know this: persecution comes with this level of coming elevation, (Mark 10:35-32)  That 100-fold blessing is coming suddenly upon the faithful!

No one can stop the hand of God from moving!  Partial will not be enough.  This time Jesus wants us **totally restored**. You’ve been faithful in waiting. Trust him.

I hear:  Total Restoration of Promise!

God is revealing his truth to you in many ways.  I am only here to confirm, reveal and provide greater insight and understanding as God’s specially sent messenger.

Give God the glory, because your story is not over!  It’s just being re-written now….

In all thy getting we must get an understanding.  A spiritual understanding!

Trust me they will, some will come back.  They will see, the error of their ways.  But be wise. Feed them like Jesus did at the last supper, but leave that Judas alone!

Let them do what they do and let them do it quickly!  You must get to resurrection power!

Like Jesus said, that man (Judas) will wish he hadn’t been born!  Judas never had a heart for Jesus, but Jesus still called him!  Know the difference between Peter and Judas.  Satan entered Judas!  Satan can’t enter you, unless you belong to him.

It wasn’t just a demonic spirit, it was satan himself.  Satan can’t enter you unless you are his.

Jesus!  God calls and loves even those who are working for the enemy.  But their time is up, their time is up!

The Judas spirit will do anything for money!  Open your eyes…..!

Satan is working through them, not God.

“Then satan entered Judas, surnamed Iscariot, who was numbered among the twelve.  So he went his way and conferred with the chief priests and captains, how he might betray him to them  and they were glad, and agreed to give him money.  So he promised and sought opportunity to betray him to them in the absence of the multitude,”   Luke 22:3-6.

Beware of your Judas’, but don’t entertain them.  They are full of greed.  Some are going to wish they stood by you, during your trial and waited for your triumph.  But greed overtook them!

When you get to the high place, like Joseph you will have plenty left over from your favor and fruit.  But they won’t be laying on those 5000 thread count sheets!  No!

I hear God saying: “I tried them.  I deemed them not worthy of even your presence.”

God was qualifying and disqualifying.  They weren’t really for you, they just liked what you had.  They liked your stuff but they didn’t like you.  ‎intimidation leads to ‎assassination.

They wanted to juice your anointing, and fleece you, but God said, “No, not so!  You have no choice but to forgive, but you do not have relive that drama!

‪Let My people go,”  says God!

Let it go!  If they really cared for you, or for God, and his purpose, they would not have betrayed you and never repented!


~ Apostle-Prophetess Adrianne Kendell
Crown Jewel Ministries.
Where living Gems become Eternal.  Agape.

End Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne KendellEnd Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne Kendell





Total Restoration of Promise! — 7 Comments

  1. It’s amazing how God opens the eyes of the people he loves through brothers and sisters like yourselves.
    God has blessed us more than we can imagine, thank you Lord for our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

  2. I am appreciating your gift of the prophetic. I have no doubt that GOD sent you my way for such a “time as this”

  3. Glory to God!! Looking for another email address and came across this one .. I’m Glad that I did .. Thank you for conformation.. You are a blessed woman of God..
    Total Restoration!!! In Jesus name !!

  4. Looking through the prophetic words on this Web address and came across these prophetic words of The Lord that speaks into so much that is going on right now and hope the Resurrection Power is close at hand having gone and going through so much and Receive those words of Promise and Warning of 100 Fold Restoration and the gift of Decernment to see and hear of the judus person or persons so to no longer be deceived by anyone or anything and All for The Gliry of God Alone Amen and Amen.  Many thanks and Blessings to you and your Faithfulness in Prayer ti The True body shining His Light by your words to All Amen

  5. Amen! Hallelujah! Omgosh, we (Children of the Most High God) needed this word from The Lord’s special-sent messenger. Thank you for your obedience in sharing this word of encouragement. Total restoration in the Name of Jesus!