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  1. Yes! last night I was waiting on the Lord and the word from Rev.3 came to me:
    Behold, I am coming quickly!
    We are told to hold fast and be overcomers.

  2. Thank you, Rich for this message. I believe you are spot on with your words and scriptures put together. Let us draw near to the Lord as never before.
    God bless you. Joyce D

  3. All earthquake are the alarms as on assignment in California on my mission for the wrong church now redeemed. I don’t dream much I had a dream I was in day the finger of God was writing the fate of future civilization that judge they wanting. I woke up into early 90’s Northridge earthquake shaking my bed and sweetest peace that never left my soul. The finger of God Anointing was given to his children to point at enemy with authority of what sent us here to return all spoils back to him. You point at people in spirit you got this Anointing use knowing it him standing in you.. draw the line in sand can’t pass devil. The Safe passage is his name also… in times of sorrow and famines of hearing his words season is now

  4. 1 Timothy 2:4 God who will have all men to be saved.
    If the church in America sees God as any thing less then all powerful who will have His will done on earth as in heaven they have failed to know the truth and need to dig deeper. In the end every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is lord to the glory of God. If your theology leads you to another conclusion you are being lead a stray. The church in America needs to come up higher and walk in the truth or it will be no more. The church should be the foundation for truth. Sad to say most of
    what they believe is based on men’s thoughts wanting to be accepted by other men. The truth will set you free not bring you into bondage to other who refuse to grow up. The time is short.

  5. P.S. One day, shortly after the “Big Choice” was made, the hell I was in was so loud that I pulled the vehicle over on a city highway and screamed out to the Lord to please make it stop, which it did, for just a moment. Long enough for the Lord to say to me, Cheri, this is for the Nation, we need you to pray. This is where the sacrifice of my life comes in. I was up sometimes many nights and days in a row without sleep on my knees for the United States of America. I fasted when led and prayed nonstop, and I believe we’re going to see this form of conviction and repentance pour out on this Nation, like Jonah with Nineveh.
    God bless!!

  6. At the end of 2014 I began to hear in the spirit, the evil one telling the Lord,”She needs to choose!!” And then a beautiful, still small voice answered, “She will.” This went on for a few months until on January 5, 2015 I screamed outloud, “I CHOOSE JESUS CHRIST!!!” At that moment I felt myself spiritually, physically, and emotionally stripped naked before a Holy God, and all of hell broke loose, I was utterly ashamed. That was 9 years ago next month. Since then I’ve cut off my bleach streaked hair, thrown my silver in the garbage, (along with my makeup), gave away my money hand over fist, fasted and prayed almost 24/7, moved onto my ex-husbands sofa, while the Lord has done surgery after painful surgery. I lost my friends (so-called), my family rejected me, they thought I was crazy. I quit smoking, drinking, cursing and doing drugs. I don’t even resemble today the person I used to think I was. I’m persecuted day and night by God’s witchcraft infested children, (Father forgive them)
    Babylon has been burned out of me in the Fire of Affliction and I agree with you, we’re about to see this happen to everyone of Hus children, and those who choose unrighteousness will pay with their souls.
    God help them.
    Thank you for sharing Mr. Fyke, God bless.

    • Thanks for sharing. Repentance is needed and yes, we must turn away from this world and follow Jesus Christ. As Jesus said, few will. God bless you.

  7. You faithfully sounded the alarm Sir. I too quoted those four words from “Daniel” a number of times these ladt few years, and it is the call of the hour. Sadly, not enough watchmen have in our nation. Sweet words of comfort and only good days ahead have taken top billing over ‘Repent’ and ‘Prepare to meet thy maker’. All that matters is we say what we are told by Heaven’s King. God bless you. Remain steady.

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