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  1. A story: when I was feeling quite grim about life and death a couple of years ago, a guy from another country in Europe who was prophetic and a churchgoer, felt to tell me the story of how beautiful it was when his grandmother passed away. Everything was peaceful and she was happy.
    I also remember a story about De Gaulle being very concerned about the niceness of his death. He was a praying man and I think the story ends with him “dying well”.
    So I left the bar where the guy told me about his grandmother quite perplexed in a way. So much bad dying and tortuous illess during COVID Time. But who says you can’t be like the grandmother in the story? I felt God say to me her whole community and region was blessed with such giftings of beautiful last moments.
    Sorry if this sounds quite odd. I felt in prayer to write it here.

  2. Oh my, I’m crying as I read your post, Elizabeth. What an article and so on the mark and needed! The Holy Spirit drew me to it this morning.
    This is only one place that jumped out at me, “His presence is the only place anymore where I feel truly alive Loved, known. How ’bout you?” Thank you sis for this truly spoke to me all the way through. Next I will read Nate Johnstons post. Love in our Lord and prayers, Joyce

  3. Your insight as always isso refreshing and revealing. I loved this: Fear and hope ride the seesaw of our soul. We want to get off the swing called “I hurt”… but Jesus pushes us on that swing… a few more times… until we are significantly changed by His glory. It’s a lifelong journey.” Now that is a lot to chew on, my friend. As always, enlightenment comes quickly when you speak.Thanks for all you share. Nate is spot on for this hour. Hugs to you my siser, Sandi

  4. Dear Elizabeth,

    I loved to read this word and your precious insight!!
    Our hearts, emotions and experiences are in so many ways the same. How could it be different if God has HIS ways and principles of forming and changing his people!

    This word says it all and I often wonder what a gift it is to express these spiritual things in such a manner!
    What he describes has been a process of not only years but more than four decades, living in differnet places and obscure situations others in our family surely did not understand or may have questioned secretly….

    Oh, a book it would need to write all the fiery tests down, we and our four children experienced and still wait with us to see the promised end, now that we have been getting old after starting out young!….

    Dezember has begun and the Breakthrough prophesied for this year we did not see so far!!…
    Lord, have mercy upon your people………

    Elizabeth, I have bought and read the book: „The last Jew of Amsterdam.“ It takes you right into your family and all they went through. So well written. I will give it away for Christmas to a good friend who loves historic reports…
    Bless you..

  5. I too had read Nate’s words and it could not have come at a better time to help me understand my wounds. Thank you for sharing your insights on these anointed words. Very reassuring

  6. He has been such a gift to the remnant these last 3 years. Almost every word has been this spot on! Praise the Lord and bless Nate and Christy.

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