Sowing and Giving – God’s Way!

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Calamities shall come

The calamities shall come for the fear of The Lord shall now be released in greater measure.  The enemy has come in like a flood, but I AM lifting up a standard, saith The Lord.

My Word shall come forth in this hour with power and fire I shall overthrow the falseness of man’s religion.  I shall no longer allowed the will of man to control My people.  I shall send a blast of my nostrils upon them and I shall scatter those that are evil that have made merchandise of My people that have led them astray and cause them to error.

I shall cause a standard to be lifted up against ungodliness in My house saith The Lord.  Know My people shall not be made to embrace sin.  They will not entertain unrighteousness in this hour, for I AM moving upon the land that they may see my hand and turn from the wickedness of their heart and come and repent before Me and be saved.

It is the hour that the sternness of God is manifested in the land.  He is not slack concerning His terms of holiness.  The sanctification and consecration that is required is set and there is no compromise concerning the standards that have been set in His word.  The Lord keeps saying seek for the old path find the way of holiness and walk in it.  He said you will be ostracized for the stand you will be scandalized for your stand many will say that you are trying to take them into bondage because of the teaching of righteousness that is being released through your lips some will say you are to hard upon the people.

But I heard the Spirit of The Lord say, teach My Word without compromise don’t add or subtract, but teach what I put in your mouth.  Prophets, prophesy from My mouth and Spirit.  Allow not the people to provoke you to lie be not a soothsayer neither become a prophet that pleases the people.  You will be hated for the things you will say for they shall come to pass.  They will hate you for the things that shall happen in the world that you shall speak.  Set your face toward me and don’t be discouraged.  Obey!  Obey!  Obey!  

There is a warfare against the leadership now.  Many are weary and don’t want to continue. Many are being challenged in their faith and in their homes.  The warfare is great their health and finances are being attacked satan is trying to wear them out and send them into a panic they shall be strengthen in this hour.  Lift up your head men and women of God for God is with you.

Prepare yourselves spiritually so that you can stand when these things come.  There is a shaking going on heavy in the Spirit.  I’m feeling vibrations and shaking and I’m weeping and a heavy pressure of His presence is upon me.  I keep looking for The Lord to appear suddenly on behalf of His people.

I’m in this there is nothing too hard for God mode right now.  Nothing is impossible.  The faith in God is always increasing.  I been seeing sickness disappear and miracles of salvation and deliverance.

God showed me a harvest of souls.  I’m witnessing like crazy.  I feel so heavily that time is short I don’t know when but I am in expectation.  I saw so much.  I’m searching my soul preparing earnestly for the coming of The Lord.  These things happening is just a prelude of things to come and if you are shaken by what’s going on now you won’t be equipped to handle what’s about to happen.

People, it’s time for true relationship with God it’s time to truly walk in love and to love and lift up each other.  It’s time to lay differences aside it’s time to stop tearing each other down.

The Lord spoke directly to me and said to me, don’t hold nothing in your heart forgive everyone let go of anything that may contaminate or corrupt your heart and spirit.  Get in a place of purity and govern yourself according to My Word.  Walk in My standards of holiness be righteous in me not in man made doctrines and belief.  Live according to My word and ways.  Humble yourself and submit to Me completely.  He said you are not your own.  I have been put in a place of surrender where I am no longer my own.  Complete YES, is in my spirit and I’m walking in His mercy and grace!

Lord whatever you’re doing in this season, don’t do it without me!

Letting our Disciples go…

If we as leaders are going to ever accomplish anything in the Kingdom, you can’t take things personally.  We must understand that God has called us to trained and teach those who are assigned to us to be taught.

Our mission is to raise up disciples that will be able to go forth and accomplish the will of God concerning their life.  When we start looking at our assignment in life as our own personal agenda we will always be hurt or discourage but if we see it as God’s purpose working through us we won’t be shaken to the point of giving up by anything that takes place.

One lesson I learned from my Pastor was how he allowed the people to pursue their vision without holding them back.  He would say if you can understand that you are a temporary nesting place for them to learn the lessons they need and you not a permanent destination.  He said then you won’t be offended when they move on to their next nesting place.

Learning how to let them go in peace is what leaders need to learn so that you can continue to have a relationship with them without thinking ill thoughts against them.  So many times as leaders, we want to smother the people and hoard them to ourselves keeping them from increasing beyond our arms reach, but a good leader wants those that they train and teach to get to a point of independence from their parental control and learn how to survive without their constant oversight.

One of the greatest lesson I have learned is how to allow those that I am called to help to make their own decisions once I have given them all I’m suppose to.  I have to trust them, enough to even sometimes make mistakes and learn from their lessons and grow.

Letting go when they mature is a hard place for any leader, especially when you develop those close relationship with those that you see excited and eager about learning and that sit at your feet and eat the food that God gives you for them to eat.

I think we as leaders, become sadden at the lost of the one we have poured into and has grown into maturity and sometimes we get lost in the relationship and don’t want to let them go, but we must realized that we are called to raise them up and release them into destiny and vision.  And as they go forth we should be able to help them and be there if they need us rather than becoming angry or trying to curse them because they are leaving.

Now do they all leave at the right time of course not.  Some leave ahead of time some leave out of the will of God but because you are assigned to them sometimes you have to let them go and pray for their protection and be available if they need you.

Leaders, don’t turn your back on them just because they made the wrong decision, but be there to encourage them when the wrong decision causes them hardship.  That way if they want to come back and finish their assignment with you they won’t have fear in approaching you and repenting without you saying I told you so or beating them up verbally or mistreating them because you have a attitude.

My prayer daily is Lord teach me how to govern myself and be a good steward over those that you have entrusted into my hands.  Show me my mistakes and my errors in dealing with your people and help me to understand even when it seems hard to.  Let me walk in love and show me where I am lacking so that I don’t set out to hurt those you entrusted me with.

Have I always got it right?  No, because I tend to get involved heavily with those I am connected to, because I want to see them be who God has called them to be.  And so at times my love for them will cause me emotionally sometimes to feel hurt but God heals that hurt and puts me back in focus concerning them, and I can applaud them and push them even when it hurts to let them go.

Learning maturity and walking in it is the greatest thing I have learned as a leader.  Being able to see those I have trained and taught soar makes me glad even though I’m sad that my time of closeness with them as a teacher has ended.  The thing that gets me through it is what God said to me this, your time as a teacher has ended but it doesn’t mean the relationship is gone!

Sowing and Giving – God’s Way!

Can I just be real for a few minutes?  There was a time in ministry were I was truly struggling financially.  The provisional sources were not there to do what I was called to do.

I was constantly seeing financial defeat and I was giving and sowing, but yet not seeing an increase.  I was always being defeated in that area.  God begin to deal with me about my situation.

I begin to see that the enemy wanted to keep me in lack to hinder me financial from achieving the goals of ministry that God had set before me.  I begin to seek God for answers and He begin to open my understanding because my thoughts were how am I a leader with such power and authority and revelation pouring out of me and I’m walking in a state of struggle and lack.  That’s when God begin to speak directly to me.

  1. He told me that my seeds were going into grounds that were not authorize to bring me increase.
  2. He told me to stop sowing and giving through my emotions, and start sowing through His Spirit.
  3. He said take directions from the Holy Ghost when it comes to your seeds being distribute.
  4. No matter how you sow or give always give your seeds directions.
  5. Don’t sow and give out of obligation, but sow and give with faith and joy.
  6. Sow and give according to where you are going not where you are now.  Sow and give beyond your now but toward your future.
  7. No matter what blessing you get always give out of your increase no matter how small or large it is.
  8. Pray over your seed at all times watching for the enemy that wants to steal your harvest.
  9. Know where the anointing for your harvest is at and find your ground and plant.
  10. Sow and give into someone else need.
  11. Sow and plant out of my need when I am directed, not when I’m manipulated.
  12. Sow and give exactly what He says.  If He tells me to give 50 dollars then if I give 60 dollars, I have disobeyed Him.  He can’t bless a disobedient seed.

God also told me to begin to pray and bind and rebuke the forces assigned to stop my provision from coming.

We need to understand that when we are constantly being hit with unexpected and unnecessary expenses that there is a force at work to hinder your financial flow.  I had to begin to take authority over negative words that were even spoken from my childhood I had to war against jealous spirits that were speaking death to my harvest and crop.

As I begin to obey The Lord and implement the things He told me I started seeing a turn around and begin to experience increase which helps me to do the will of God.  This was a concern for me because I just believe that if God has given us a work to do that provisional sources are attached to it.  Plus I didn’t want to be teaching on the blessings of God and my life look like it was cursed.  I didn’t want to preach and teach something that I wasn’t experiencing or walking in myself.

I also had to be careful of crows that come to just eat up the harvest and not also provide seeds so that I may continue to plant seeds to keep a continual harvest flowing.  There are those who I am commanding to plant into whom I may not understand, but obedience is better than sacrifice and my human understanding.  As I obey The Lord I am seeing Him meet the need for the things I have been called to do.

I kept planting and I kept planting until I saw the breakthrough.  You may not see it overnight but it will come and it didn’t always come in money favor was given many times and as I obeyed doors came open that I didn’t pursue or ask for.  God begin to bring the visions He had given me to pass.

Is sowing and giving important?  Yes it is.  As I studied my word, I saw where God would ask for a sacrifice for certain things to happen.  As I embraced this concept I see the struggle ended.  Are there days the enemy comes in and try to attack of course but I recognize the plot take authority over it and close the door in satan face and let him know I will never be broke again and my struggle is over!

Eternal Consecration and Perverted Worship

I will never forget two messages that were preached at our ministry that not only challenged the people, but they stirred me also to a deeper more in-depth commitment to obedience and sanctification.

There are some messages that say the same thing in different ways, but when you hear them, you know God is not just talking but looking for action.

One was from Prophetess Patricia J Williams that spoke on eternal consecration.  Having a mindset to stay in a consecrated place by not allowing the enemy to bring you out of your godly attributes.

Prophetess Sabrina Renee Marks challenged us one Sunday to get rid of our perverted worship.  Coming before God any kind of way and expecting Him to accept what is polluted and contaminated.  She told us God would no longer allow us to give Him our flesh but we would be judged for not coming holy in His presence when we know we are practicing sin.

Both these ladies spoke about being a hypocrite before God.  Never the less these messages challenged us some to do better and some they made angry.  When we are confronted with truth we have to learn to accept it and just strive to do better. T hey made me become more dedicated to making sure that my walk is up to par with the word of God!

Nowadays, people don’t want to talk about sin, but I’m glad to see their our those that don’t mind telling you it’s holiness or hell.  To all those that are making a stand I say continue to stand!  Don’t back down because you’re helping others to become the vessel of righteousness and holiness that they are called to be!  Eternal Consecration and Unpolluted Worship can change your entire life.

Seeing the Good in those with Issues

Sometimes as people in authority, we forget to tell people about our struggles to overcome difficult things in our own lives.  Many people in leadership tell me I shouldn’t be so transparent about things I been through, but when I reveal my different struggles I have gone through, I keep myself free as well as help others to remain free.

There are things that we all have had to faced.  My post earlier was freedom for myself because I used to be a runner.  When I didn’t want to face something, I would run and get upset when confronted.  My last Pastor would not let me run.  He made me stand and face those issues from my childhood that kept me sabotaging my relationships with people.  I had to face myself and conquer who I had allowed to develop.

I share a lot of things that are my own experiences that I went through to help the Body of Christ to overcome.  I shared it, because I realized that during the attacks I have gone through in the last three years, there was a time I would have just run and hidden.

I thank God for the years of development that God has given me and the many issues I have been delivered from.  I will never stop helping people to be delivered, because I remember how it used to be to be bound.  Has my strong will to see people set free when I see things that I used to be bound with, got me hurt or misunderstood?  Of course it has.  I don’t apologize for loving people enough to help them not to have to face the challenges I had to overcome.

If my experiences can help them without them having to go through the hurts pains and test I faced I will gladly share them.  I’m not ashamed of anything that I have been set free from.  I sometimes am more concern about people than they are themselves, but I was trained and taught by a leader who showed me that every person is valuable, but some just don’t know it.

I see the good in people, even when I see the bad in them demonstrated.  Some receive some don’t.

I pray that my personal experiences help those that are struggling and going through to know that if you keep letting God mold and make you and you surrender your will to the process and allow Him to work on the weakness in you then He will bring you out to be a person that He can use mightily for His Kingdom.

Repetitious Behavior

The Spirit of The Lord keeps giving me these two words, REPETITIOUS BEHAVIOR!  He is dealing with me about the pattern that develops concerning the behavior of a person and how they keep repeating the same thing over and over again because they have become accustom to doing it.

Almost like a ritual they perform the same actions on a continual basic.  There are those in the Body of Christ who keep repeating the same thing everywhere they go.  No matter what ministry they are in they always end up doing the same thing.  They continue to display the same character and destructive behavior they always have and they refuse to believe that it’s them that are the problem.

I have noticed that there are those that exhibit a set pattern of destruction in their lives.  They will develop a relationship with different persons in the Body of Christ but they will eventually do like always and turn on them lie on them excuse them of trying to do something to them or try to turn others on them.  Their pattern never changes.  What disturbs me the most is when they won’t accept responsibility for their behavior or they won’t allow anyone to help them to see what they are doing to themselves or to others.

They refuse to acknowledge that they have a problem and will almost go into a rage if you tell them that they need deliverance.  They come to church and show outward shows of deliverance but they never inwardly change.  They close their mind to any help of deliverance and will run to the next church when the leader or others that are concerned about them begin to challenge them about the destructive behavior they are operating in.    They love the attention they get from people being concerned but they don’t want the help to overcome their problems.  I have dealt with persons in this capacity and it takes much patience to deal with persons that refuse to admit they have problems.

Breaking the barriers in their mind can be exhausting but worth it to see them get their deliverance.

Leaders, if you are dealing with persons like this know that you will have a battle.  They will use accusations against you they will attempt to discredit you so people won’t believe you if you mention they have problems.  They will excuse you of being unloving and unfeeling and of not being understanding.

I strongly suggest that you always have someone with you when dealing with these persons because of the lengths they will go through to discredit you even accusing you of acts of sins toward them.  The psychological and mental bondage that has develop through the years is a stronghold of delusion that has set up in their mind.

The warfare will be strong and fierce against this spirit but to see the person delivered is one of the greatest reward a leader can experience.  Leaders let’s stop accepting persons that have ran from church to church without finding out what the problem is that cause them to move so much.  You may find that it’s a pattern in their life that the enemy is using to bring them to spiritual self destruction.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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  1. “I’m feeling vibrations”
    I am to, to and fro since some years now. First time i felt it I thought it came from outside as like a big truck passed the house and caused vibrations but it is inwards.  For some reason I believe the Lord is tuning us in to Him, as like He uses a tuning fork to get the right sound.