I will astound you with My awesomeness!

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My Awesomeness

I will astound you with My awesomeness, says the LORD.  For I will put Myself on display for you to see that I AM powerful and unlimited.  I will not be obscure and My glory will be seen on you as you press into My presence.  I will make a way for you that you didn’t even consider, for MY ways are higher than yours, and I will not just do the ordinary.  I will do extraordinary things that will bring ME the glory.  I will do the unimaginable.  For the miraculous is what I DO, says the LORD.

Do not put Me in a theological box, for I cannot fit in it. Do not limit Me to a formula.  I AM not bound.  I AM not a religion or a tradition.  I AM not a dogma or a book. My knowledge fills the heavens and the earth and all the earth is full of MY glory, says the LORD, so how can I fit into the religious systems of man?

Though I AM bigger than your ideology I will fit you into MY purpose and MY kingdom, says the LORD.  I will make you greater than yourself as you abandon yourself to ME and relinquish your ways for MINE!  Let ME flow into your environs and yourself as you come empty of your thoughts and ways in order to be able to receive MINE.  For promotion and expansion of you comes only from Me as I AM able to be seen and heard and work in and through you, says the LORD.

The whosoever will includes you as you come with expectation in Me.  I will put My power on display for all to see that I AM GOD and nothing is impossible with ME, says the LORD.

I Am Your Source

Your help comes from Me, says the LORD.  I AM always your source and I will never fail you.  Trust in My unimpeachable Love for you for everything that happens in your life has purpose.  I will bring good out of every situation.  Remember the patience of Job!  His example does not go beyond Mine as I went to the cross and gave My life for a ransom for many.  Many mocked and scorned and said if I was the Son of GOD, come down from the cross; I could save others, but I could not save myself.  You may feel the distain of others who mock you and say that if you are empowered by My Spirit, then show it by delivering yourself.  Show it by coming down from your own cross that you are bearing.  But I say, just as I died and was risen again, you have chosen to die daily to be My disciple and you will live in My resurrection power, says the LORD.

I will turn things around for you.  I will not allow the enemy to defeat you.  I will openly display My power and My authority and bring you out of the fiery trials into My kingdom assignment and promotion.  You are not in the fire alone, for I AM with you to insure that you will not even have the smell of smoke on you.  You will come up out of the furnace of affliction where the enemy endeavored to destroy you with a higher level of authority and power, says the LORD.  Trust that it will work for your good, and I AM working on your behalf.  You will come up out of the furnace, unscathed, untouched and on display for all to see that there is no power that can conquer your GOD that is in the midst of you.  I will not only save and preserve you, but promote and empower you for the kingdom purpose that will unfold and be fulfilled in your full destiny in ME, says the LORD.

Declare My Word

I have placed My infallible Word in your heart and I desire you to declare it with your mouth, says the LORD.  Publish My Word, and let the runners run with it!  Let My voice resound with the good news that will echo through the land.  I have given you My GOOD WORD.  It is a healing Word.  It is a Word of peace.  It is a Word of power.  It is a Word of provision.  It is a Word of hope.  It is a Word of help.  It is a Word of comfort.  It is a Word of cleansing and forgiveness.  It encourages and lifts up. It is light and LIFE, says the LORD. My Word sets the captives free.  My Word saves.  My Word penetrates and breaks up the hard ground around you and will penetrate the lives and hearts of others, says the LORD.

My Word and My WILL and My Work are the same.  Let My Word of faith be spoken and I will watch over it to perform it.  I will expedite it.  For I AM the cause and I AM the affect.  I will do what I say, for no power can stop ME.  As you speak what I AM speaking, and desire what I desire, and Work MY Work, then you will see the performance of those things that I AM the author of.  You will see the explosion of the greater works that you have longed for as you stand up and proclaim that I AM GOD, and nothing is impossible with Me, and nothing will be impossible for those who believe in Me and take Me at My Word, says the LORD.


~ June Sheltrown Reinke

June Sheltrown ReinkeDr. June Sheltrown Reinke is a prophetic pastor, evangelist and teacher.  She has been the senior pastor of Faith Fellowship Ministries in Florida since 1988.  She has ministered in the prophetic to individuals and corporate groups for decades.



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  1. Praise God..this is such a blessed word, reveals God is for me…not against me..All glory to God! Thank you for being His instrument…