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Speak to the Mountain — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you June, for sharing this word.  It helped me to understand how to move my mountains that seem so big through our Father in Heaven who made everything and through Him, everything is possible.

  2. There are many mountains that a Christian faces notice Jesus spoke to the mountain in His life in Mark 11 which we know was the priesthood which was being removed as Jesus commanded. We also know that there will be only one remaining mountain when the end is come and all things are finished as Daniel saw in His vision of the stone the smote the image (Jesus) became a great mountain and filled the whole earth. These different mountains that we face are temptations to try to make the word of God look like it is not true that the kingdom of God is not complete that there are loop holes as we judge things according to our life and not according to the word of God these mountains look like they can never be moved. If we continue in the word and are not forgetful of what God said and press and press into the word and resist and resist the temptation to accept to reject the truth and accept the lie the truth will dawn on us and we will be set free the mountain is removed and cast into the sea of forgetfulness

    • Thank you so much Pastor for such a now word for me, a confirmation of a dream I had on 17 July 2022 in which I just saw things changing in front of me, they were moving and I ask the question; what does this mean?  In my spirit in the dream I heard ‘How connected is your FAITH to your words.’  Basically, I understood it to mean as I/we speak the word of God is my faith in unity with the words.  Do I truly have faith for what or in what I am speaking, completely trusting God.  This captures it for me:
      “As you submit yourself unto Me, you are surrendering yourself unto My infallible Word, for I cannot be separated from My Word,” says The LORD.

      “My Word and My Will and My Way and My Work are always in complete and inseparable agreement.
      I had the dream as I was pondering a message on the shield of faith and was researching it yesterday and sharing with a Pastor in Zambia, the same day you gave the prophecy, I saw it this morning.  God continue to richly bless you, inspire you and speak to you to bless the world over in Jesus Name, Amen.

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