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God’s Justice Moves Within the Sands of Time — 16 Comments

  1. Amen & amen!  One can sense the weight & truth of this word rippling thru & realigning kingdoms in the spirit realm as it touches & transforms kingdoms in the Earth.  The watchmen hear & heed Your words thru Your servant and rejoice, even as we watch & pray!

  2. Glory-Glory-Glory to Your Name, Oh Lord God, Maker of Heaven, Earth and all Creation!!! Unto You, Oh Father, Unto You…..Not to us, not to us, but to you, Oh God!

  3. Google apparently is making it difficult to get to your prophetic words. I use to type in Veronica West and click on hiskingdomprophecy and it would bring up the current and past words. Not anymore!!! Is there a way to subscribe to get your words directly to my email?

    [ HKP Admin : We have subscribed you to our 3x Weekly Newsletter.  We don not have the facility, the ability or the interest to send out HKP Words by email.  ]

    • Interesting, I have VW and HKP on bookmark, but actually for a while I’ve been wondering if they should consider somehow automating the sending of the prophecies from HKP website or VW to the Telegram app. The Trump guys have switched partly to it (1 million people follow Trump Jr on Telegram), and I’ve felt in the last 18 months to use it too. It is very robust infrastructure and people are notified of new messages if they wish. I’ve noticed HKP now allows me to share a prophecy via telegram so the website architecture may already be there.

    • I never use Google now but use duckduckgo and never have any problem. Slightly slower than Google as they dont keep a record of previous searches.
      Freedom is worth a bit of effort.

    I rejoice in this Word and confirm that it is exactly what He’s been speaking to me and showing me even this very morning!!
    He led me to read Zepahaniah 3!! As I went to open and find it, my Bible fell immediately to the very spot!!

    Zephaniah 3:20
    “At that time I will gather you;
    at that time I will bring you home.
    I will give you honor and praise
    among all the people of the earth
    when I restore your fortunes
    before your very eyes.”

    Ephesians 3:20
    Exceedingly, Abundantly, FAR above and beyond ALL we could ever comprehend, or even imagine, according to to Spirit at work within us!!

    Revelation 3:20
    “Here I AM!
    I stand at the Door amd knock.
    If anyone opens the Door,
    I WILL come in and eat with him,
    and he with Me.”

  5. Looking back into spiritual history, one can perceive God’s calling on a nation, although this may not be so visible today because of the evidence of national backsliding. However, I believe that Paul’s words to the Philippians, “.. being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ”[Philippians 1:6], applies to nations as well to individuals and also to groups of connected invididuals like the Philippian church.

  6. Yea! Let the earth open her mouth and swallow the twisted & evil ones who hate both G-d and His People. By all means; Let my people go!

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