Stillness in the Wilderness


Before God formed us in the womb, He knew us and set us apart for His glory.  The Lord God has appointed and given to each of us from the beginning of time, a calling that separates us for His Holy purpose (Jeremiah 1:5).  If we are then from the beginning of time called to be set apart, why is it that believers in the body of Christ suffer the hardest dealing with isolation?

Isolation simply stated is the process of being separated or setting something apart from others or a particular place or thing.

We have all experienced isolation at some point in our lives and it does not feel good to us when we experience pains, frustrations and humiliations but I must encourage you today that your process of isolation serves a purpose of drawing you closer to God and your divine destiny.

You may be suffering from feelings of abandonment or maybe you feel abandoned by God.  Job felt abandoned by God.  He was living a good and righteous path.  Job had wealth and riches in his house, lost it all and became the center of God’s attention.  Although Job could only see the surface of his issues and problems, the Lord God was working behind the scenes on his behalf.  Job was resentful, bitter, complained and asked God why such things were allowed to happen to him but through the muddle of his troubles and temptations he was able to tap into the still small voice of God.  And for his faithfulness and obedience Job was given double for his trouble.

You may be one that has consistently faced rejection throughout life.  Everywhere you turn doors of opportunity are being slammed shut in your face.  The people that you interact with are shunning you away because of the light shining in you.  Israel’s son, Joseph experienced a life of rejection.  He was rejected by his brothers and isolated from his entire family; even sold as a slave, but God used Joseph’s isolation experience to get him to a place of purpose and destiny.  We can learn from Joseph how he handled his rejection.  We know that for his faithfulness and trust in God, Joseph went from the pit to the palace.

Throughout the bible God uses the goodness of isolation for His chosen as a pathway to spiritual transformation.  Therefore, in God faith, count it as a privilege and an honor because you have been selected by the Father for a greater destiny.  Our life troubles sometimes lead us to a very desolate place and the enemy will use any distraction to dictate and fill our minds with inner noise, but hearing and adhering to the still small voice of God will deliver us from victim to victor.

There is power in your stillness.  The bible encourages us to be still and know that God is God (Psalm 46:10).  Job had to sit still as he waited for the Lord God.  Apostle Paul had to sit still during his three years of isolation in the desert before moving forward to do a great work.  Even our Lord and Savior Jesus isolated Himself so that He could engage more deeply with our Heavenly Father, so do we ourselves must find the inner strength (willingness) to embrace our solitude and silence for the benefits of spiritual discipline and growth.

It is in that stillness that we experience the power of God.  It is in that stillness that we effectively hear the voice of the Father.  In that stillness you receive divine wisdom to overcome current circumstances and situations.  Distractions are being uprooted and destroyed.  It is in that stillness that God is using and setting you apart for His divine purpose.  I encourage you to find your stillness in the midst of your wilderness.

Yolanda Banks

Prophetess Yolanda Banks is the founder of Amplified Life Ministries and the Co-Pastor of New Deliverance Bible Church in Sugar Land, Texas.  She is a life coach and motivational speaker passionate about spiritually equipping others to discover and walk in their God divine purpose victoriously.  Her multifaceted ministry emphasizes supernatural empowerment that inspires many to live transformational and productive Christian lives.


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