This is My Story


So the Philistines envied him.  Genesis 26:12-14.  Isaac means laughter; he is the son of the old age who brought laughter to an old couple that had become a laughing stock, because of their faith.  Many times, our declarations of faith can be scorned at, as jokes and we can be called pretenders who cling to false hope . Hahahaha!  This only lasts for a time, when we experience the reality of our faith, instead of being a laughing stock our blessings evoke the laughter of joy.

Isaac – laughter, had cause to rejoice even amidst famine.  In the year when everyone was making ends meet – cutting down on the quantity of food to prolong their days of sustenance, Isaac prospered.  This is supernatural increase, and this is your story this year, shout Amen.  Isaac wanted to go down to Egypt to look for food like his father Abraham did, but God stopped him (Genesis 26:1).  Instead God gave him a word that he was to stay in the famine ravaged land, and prosper there.  One word from God is enough; don’t ask how, what and why, sometimes, when can make directional sense, but don’t ask in doubt, rather, act in faith.  Isaac sowed in the land with unfavorable weather conditions, where no one could harvest, but because of God’s word he sowed and produced a bountiful harvest.  This is our year of sowing – giving, like we have not done before as we position ourselves for supernatural increase.

Isaac’s story is one of progressive prosperity with amazing results.  He reaped hundredfold and he began to prosper.  You need to begin to prosper; it is a process triggered by having a prosperous mindset based on God’s word.  Your meditations should be propelled by God’s word as you stand on the word of this season.  Let your speech and declarations throughout the year align with this word.  The bible lets us know that he continued prospering until he became very prosperous.  This shall be your story.  You will not have scarcity interrupted with just enough supply to barely make it through; this year expect a continuous flow of God’s abundant supply.  Your story will make headlines in the spiritual realm among those who have been blessed and who have accumulated possessions by reason of this blessing.


I have began to prosper and throughout 2013 I will continue to prosper until I become very prosperous.  Increase is my story and praise to God is my song.  This year, I choose to praise the Lord for days and months.  I will continue to increase increasingly in Jesus’ name.

Ps. Robert Ssesanga photo Robert Ssesanga is the founder of Aflame Gospel Ministries a multifaceted Christian ministry and the Senior Pastor of Aflame Gospel Assembly in Kampala, Uganda.  He is an author and a conference speaker who travels extensively to nations.  He preaches the gospel with signs, miracles and wonders, as God attests to His word with power.  His emphasis on victorious living and enjoying the supernatural life has been instrumental to many lives that have been impacted over the years in many nations.  His passion is to demonstrate the gospel and impact generations.


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