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Stone Throwers and Mudslingers Are Blocking Your View! — 4 Comments

  1. Second part of the comment:

    It is not easy to live and to move on in times of worst persecution. Because they are everywhere, and they know calendar, schedule, they know even any movement in bed, and they ‘love’ to let you know that they know what you are doing in every minute. People who have created CERN, can zoom into star galaxy, but also into homes, and mock you for every body part, pain or wrinkle, and they ‘love’ to shock you by huge evil pictures, in a perfide extra staged pattern that hinders you from reading any internet article without permanent disturbance. This destructive program is also done though noise terror in the nights and other terror. My trust is, GOD KNOWS these sadistic criminals by name, and though it is physically almost impossible to escape them or leave them behind, I know what your comfort means, and it comforted me.

    • Thank God for His constant watch/shield over you. I cover your life with the precious blood of Jesus! Psalms 18, 35, 91 & 121 shield you & all that concerns you Dear sister Myriam.

  2. Few days ago I was reminded to 2 life threatening murderous, physical stone attacks, that with GOD’s PROTECTION I could escape or prevent. One happened in Florida, at a private property of a high ranked military friend, where I noticed in a quiet evening hour at the veranda, a sniper who was hiding behind the bushes. I prayed out loud, then he threw a feast thick stone down to the ground and fled.
    The other time was in JERUSALEM, amidst the Old City, on a plateau of the Western Wall area, where a stalker threw a stone from a roof terrace, but he did not hit me. It was not an Arab, not a Jew – I waited a while and could see this insidious man came forward, it was a man of european or anglo-american ethnology, circa age 50. Thousands of attacks in the past 1 years, against all privacy, fundamental rights, against all devices, places, home, car, 24/7. Thank you, sister Jo Ellen, for your article.

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