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Developing a Balance Between Prophetic Awareness, and Also Hope — 6 Comments

  1. Unity of the faith, faith sees things that have not yet happened, once they happen faith is no longer necessary because you can point and say look there it is. Prophecy is this very thing the Spirit of God gives the prophet a dream vision word understanding of an event and they relay what God has shown or told them to the listening church. (this being how things should happen perfectly) So if we were to step back one step and eliminate the prophet receiving a word vision dream understanding from God and start with where God showed them in his word where we are prophetically right now at this moment and from that place God began moving on them to give more precise understanding to His church, how many prophets would have to try and fudge there understanding of God s word how many are truly hearing the voice of the Lord (Spirit)

    • Jay,
      Thank you for your response, however I think you may have missed the point here of what I was saying. I’m speaking of the “content” here when prophets or prophetic people, speak or write those words. Here specifically, I’m referring to some who only speak words of scathing judgment “without” having an essence of “hope” implied or written in the content.
      Then there is the opposite, where some only speak words of “hope” and promise “without the essence of judgment written.
      My overall point here, is that the message should include both. We have only to look to the words of Isaiah who in his messages included hope and salvation, but also God’s judgment upon nations, peoples, and individuals. Amen

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