Sudden Change Coming to the United Kingdom!


A couple of weeks ago I was given what I call a “Daniel” type vision.

I say this because most of the dreams and visions that LORD gives me are direct; without too much symbolism.  But this was not the case with this one.

So pray for wisdom and discernment, as I did, regarding what I’m about to share.

It was about the fourth watch, and I went into a vision. In it, I saw three buildings.  All three were made exactly the same, the only difference was their height.

On the top floor of the shortest building sat Erdogan, and he was representing Turkey.

On the top floor of the middle building sat Putin, representing Russia.

The tallest building represented the United States, but there was no one seated at the top floor.  There were people in the building; all US citizens, but no one was representing us.

All of a sudden, there was an explosion in two of the buildings; the one for Turkey, and the one for Russia.  The explosions happened at the top of the buildings.  I wasn’t aware of any casualties, but the buildings themselves sustained great damage.

I then heard Putin and Erdogan talking.  They were angry.  It was then that I realized that we (the United States) were being blamed for the explosions.  However, we weren’t the cause of it.

Next, Putin formed an alliance with Erdogan, and they called to other buildings to stand with them.  I wasn’t given the names of the people or countries in the other buildings.  But it was only a couple more that joined in.  Together, they began to make plans to bomb our building, and march in to take our people.

My vision then ended.

If you don’t already know, war world three has already begun.  The media has just been covering it up with things like the Brexit, the elections, scandals, and reality TV.

The fact is, Putin has recently made several threats, and then has moved on them.  And in the process, he has warned the United States not to stand in his way.

I also found out through research that Russia has rebuilt their alliance with Turkey after their recent failed coup.

There have been many dreams, visions, and prophetic words from people like David Wilkerson and Dumitru Duduman, who have seen Russia invade the US.

In October of last year (2015), the LORD showed me a map of Israel and Iran.  He instructed me to begin to pray because Israel was going to strike Iran. He said, “War is about to begin.”

I asked the LORD, what war?  And He responded with, “Gog and Magog.”

After this, I went through a period of three days of dreams where I saw war planes; bombers and fighter jets being launched in various places, including the United States.  I also saw missiles being dropped on us.

I want to speak on another thing that I heard two nights ago.  It was odd thing to here, yet clear as day. In the spirit I heard, “Tell the Queen that in forty days, great change is coming to the UK.”

Now I know I don’t have access to the Queen of England, but I understood that the change wasn’t for the good.  There’s a great shift coming to that area, that will impact them in a major way; even their way of living.

Saints, as always
Stay Alert. Be Ready. Look Up!


Shabbat Shalom
~ Mena Lee Grebin

Mena Lee GrebinMena Lee Grebin of Faithful Walk Healing Ministries operates in the office of a prophet, ministers, counsels, mentors and prays for anyone who is in need of Christ’s eternal love.  Her purpose is to bring His {Jesus Christ} truth and light to a lost generation.

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Sudden Change Coming to the United Kingdom! — 1 Comment

  1. “In October of last year (2015), the LORD showed me a map of Israel and Iran.  He instructed me to begin to pray because Israel was going to strike Iran. He said, “War is about to begin.”
    In October 2015 was the last tetrad, the 12th full moon of together twelve since Israel became a nation.
    Twelve as the tribes, which the blood moons showed now are ‘gathered’ in the visible body Israel (and in the invisible spiritual Body of Christ)
    In the book of Esther 3:1 one can read that “Haman son of Hammedatha the Agagite” was exalted during this time.
    Haman is a Persian (Iran) and that he is a descendant of Amalek, the one that God says He will fight from generation to generation and it also speaks about the fight that (competition about which Lot shall win) from the first to the 12th month.
    Last year, after the twelve month Iran was permitted to use nuclear and Iran announced soon thereafter that they now had a missile that was pointed to and ready to be fired against Israel and that it had an inscription on it with the words that it should wipe out Israel from the map. Iran is no doubt ‘exalted’ in the earthly ‘kingdoms’ these days. The book of Esther says Haman wrote “a letter” that all jews should be wiped out in one moment, but at the end Haman himself was hanged on his own weapon.
    God also says that this was set as a decree so, according to God’s law, all weapons against Israel will fail and no missile can change this, so I would not be surprises if Iran send a missile which will turnaround and go back from where it was sent!
    I also believes that the strength in our individual obedience to God’s commandments on every level and our prayers for Israel are the ‘helping hand of Moses’ that will wipe away the spirit (not the flesh) of Amalek.
    “one caused to fall Pur that is the lot before Haman, from day to day, and from month to month, to the twelfth, it [is] the month of Adar Esther 3:7
    “it hath come to pass, when Moses lifteth up his hand, that Israel hath been mighty, and when he letteth his hands rest, that Amalek hath been mighty Exodus 17:11
    “Write this, a memorial in a Book and set it in the ears of Joshua (whose ears we believers are),that I do utterly wipe away the remembrance of Amalek from under the heavens Exodus 17:14
    “For he said, Because the LORD hath sworn that the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.Exodus 17:16
    Strong’s Hebrew Number 2001: Haman. Haman – haw-mawn’. of foreign derivation; Haman, a Persian vizier/
    Strong’s Hebrew Number 91: Agagite. ‘Agagiy – ag-aw-ghee’, patrial or patronymic from 90; an Agagite or descendent of Agag/
    Strong’s Hebrew Number 90: ‘Agag – ag-ag’, Agag, a title of Amalekitish kings: Agag.
    God Bless Israel!