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  1. You are right on the truth in this article; it’s a shame the church shy’s away from this kind of faith teaching, but you are right on. God continues to bless you with his truth.

  2. Sandi, My ‘whole comment’ just disappeared. So we don’t need to be moved by that, do we? The Lord’s power is so much greater. We many get hindered, but surely not defeated!
    I am just so thankful for your powerful Word of encouragement here, straight from the Father’s heart today to us! Very needful reminders to speak faith. Love you much my friend. Joyce

  3. How does one start again when the “speaking life”, being a “victor not a victim”, standing on the word, speaking life not death etc. etc. didn’t work? I just went through the biggest trial of my life and did the things suggested here and it ended recently. The ashes are literally in an urn on my bookshelf. The one I was praying for died of the very thing we thought they’d been healed from. These kind of messages, Sandi, are sounding so much like carrot and stick. I waited on the Lord for years and was even telling people that healing had taken place because they doctors kept saying that the original diagnosis was wrong. So what now? I am trying so hard not to be bitter and trying to drum up some faith but it’s really hard at the moment. I don’t know what happened. A couple weeks before the family member died I had an intense prayer session come out of nowhere and felt compelled to, and did, command the enemy to return what he had stolen and that I was no longer going to be a victim, etc. etc. .  I wonder now if the death that happened was a backlash? I don’t know. I took authority, spoke scripture , fasted and prayed, waited on the Lord. Now what?

    • Im so sorry to hear that happened to you. Ive been in a similar situation for many years. Trying “to do” all the right things to get my prayers answered.
      Im not sure how to answer yoyr question to Sandi, but what I can say is that when Ive done all to stand on Gods word, and what I desire and have prayed for doesnt come to pass I simply seek the peace of God to guard my heart and mind in Christ.
      Im asking now Lord God that you would comfort this person. Im asking that you would reveal Your reasons for the unanswered prayers. I pray that Your power would permeate the lives of those that diligently seek You in spite of the natural circumstances that are so evident. I ask for the answers Lord, but until they’re revealed I ask for the peace that passes all understanding for this precious saint. In the all powerful name of Jesus Christ Amen

    • Staci, May I say here as one that has suffered a loss of 3 out of my 4 children, (as only a beginning) I can sure feel and identify with your pain and loss.

      Still our focus has to be on Jesus Christ and find our strength in Him. We just can’t throw faith out the door ever.

      With my daughter, Faith my latest loss in Dec. 2019, we did the same as you.

      Still the Lord took her. I actually rejoice that she is out of her suffering and is healed, just not down here it did not manifest as I thought it would. The Lord showed me a vision of her after her passing and spoke to me.

      “She walks here among the flowers!”

      Let the Lord give you a glimpse of heaven and home. We know this s not our eternal home. God is still God precious one!

      Trust on, keep speaking faith and rise again. The joy of the Lord s surely our strength, beloved one.

  4. Yes! Thank you Sandi!
    That is such an encouraging – that brings such a shift in my thinking along with bringing hope and joy to me
    All His promises are yes and Amen!
    God bless and keep you and your family !❤️

  5. YES YES YES dear Sandi!!!
    WORD OF THE LORD!!! Makes my spirit SOAR!!!!

    you wrote,
    “I have given you Access and Authority. It is your responsibility to assess your atmosphere and speak change, change your talk and ride the wings of change with Hope in your heart,” says YAHWEH.

    LET HIS WORDS and PROMISES continually be in our hearts and on our lips!!!!

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