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The Eagles Are About to Leave Their Nest — 2 Comments

  1. Powerful, Elaine! Also another understanding I received from this word.
    I lost my 3rd child in Dec 2019. Her name was Faith, but she now rests in heaven!
    Her young daughter 7 came to live with me.. Her name is Destini.
    I was the ‘mother eagle’ allowed to nurture and train her till she was ready to fly!
    She is a Prophetic artist and a seer with many giftings already.
    It was my privilege to sow into her life and calling.
    Then after 20 months she went on to live in her new home with her biological daddy and step mother.
    The visits are wonderful,
    always with her, but my little eaglet had to soar!
    Sometimes it’s time to let go! God bless you

  2. Good morning my sister I am an eagle and surely this is the word of the Lord. For yes I feel That season is upon me.. thanks for your obedience to the Lord for sending out the mail, his letters to us all. God bless you!

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