The Tares


In these latter times, it may appear that many of us, need to back out of the writings of the Apostles, and return to the Gospels and the words of Jesus Christ.  If we want to know what is going to happen in this hour; we need to read once more, the words He spoke.  We need to ask Him.

I don’t really want to say this again, but you simply cannot jump over the first four books of the New Testament and become an Acts 2 church.  We may be able to quote long lists of what the apostles spoke of; but, if we can’t recall the things that the Son of man said, we’ve learned nothing.

What is the definition of a tare: “Any of several weedy plants that grow in grain fields; an unwelcome or objectionable element; a troublesome weed; and a noxious weed, whose seeds can be poisonous.”  Lord have mercy on us, but this already sounds much too familiar.  They are mixed among the wheat, sown all among the good seed, of the church.

Jesus said this, and if we fail to take this in, we will never know where some of the trouble among the body of Christ came from.  They try to choke out what is good. And too many times, they are successful; full of strife, confusion and envy.

The devil sowed the tares.  What’s a bit hard to digest, is that they never were the real thing to begin with.  They may appear so, but they are not of Christ at all.  Without the genuine gifts of the Spirit operating in the churches; without the true spiritual discernment of those full of the Holy Ghost, these can remain undetected.  They can play along, act like, look like the real thing. And the toughest thing is, you have to leave them there.  Oh, how these nasty spirits must have loved it, when Jesus said that.  But we need to read a bit further on. We need to understand, what will become of them.

We do not need to read the writings of the apostles, to hear what Jesus Christ will do at the time of harvest.  And that harvest, is now upon us.  If one doesn’t believe that He is going to clean up His church before He comes back, you need to look closely to what He says, right here.  These tares, these who have caused so much harm to others, wounded so many people, bound up services and thwarted the moving of the Spirit, will go first.  Christ said, that the reapers, are His angels and they, will remove all of the imposters.

Some of us are very concerned about all of those who are claiming and using all of these titles they have given themselves.  They are declaring so many things, speaking things into people’s lives.  They are claiming authority which does not belong to them.  And it has become rampant on this medium.  These are those He spoke of where the seed fell on stony ground.  They have no real depth in themselves.

I feel the Spirit saying, stop worrying about all of these people, and remember what Jesus Christ had to say about them.

The heat is about to be turned up. If we cannot see that today, then our hearts have turned to stone and we are blind, and sorely deceived.  The enemy is turning up the heat, in everyway possible; however, God is turning up some heat also.

For Jesus also said, “for when tribulation or persecution ariseth by the word, they are offended.”  Because they have no root in themselves, meaning they are shallow and have no real depth, they will “dureth” for awhile.  But when the heat comes, they will wither away. That’s what He said.  The Holy Spirit of God, will have the last say.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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