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Ten Visions for The Church — 2 Comments

  1. I honor the Lord Jesus Christ in you. Jesus Christ who came to earth as a man in the flesh. I thank Him for the wisdom He has given you through years of trials in order to perfect you. I thank God for His timely words through you. I thank God for the outpouring of His Spirit through you, as a mighty rushing waterfall of His living waters flowing rushing and gushing from your innermost being. Made in the very image of God YOU ARE… I hear the sound of the Fathers voice in and through you as a mighty rushing water! Who can contain it? It must burst forth. I see NEW wells amongst ancient paths. Carrying the ways of the past and mixing it with the new wine in the new wine skins because He is doing a new thing. Using old ways that work, removing any dross and making it a special blend for such a time as this. May we march on, in unity of Spirit. In agreement about who the true Lord Jesus Christ is. May He manifest in His Sons and daughters and may we now ARISE AND SHINE FOR THE GLORY OF THE LORD IS UPON US (AND NOTHING CAN “MASK” IT.) IN JESUS’S MIGHTY NAME!

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