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Testimonies of Church Ministry Visits — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you so much, sister Barbara, for sharing the above post.
    You say: “You have to know the differences between a war moment and a crucifying moment.” Please help me understand this better, because I am not sure if I had experienced one crucifying moment last week.

  2. Thanks for this topic, but what happened to Mathew 10:6-10 well I think the church and everyone who waits on Payment and comfort in doings God’s work must have not understood the above scripture. Am sorry I don’t mean to be rude, but that’s His word. Bless you all

  3. This really made my day, so to say, and made me smile each point a bigger smile. But point 13 is ok. It is right from GOD to accept a home invitation. This family told the truth and responded humbly. HOSPITALITY is a command of GOD ! Why all these hotel costs in these modern days ? I personally heard from a well known church leader that he likes to stay in hotels when travelling. I asked him in his car, why. Answer: To have rest and not too many conversations. Wow… What an “offering”…. Elders ask for offerings for the “missionary” field and journeys. The biggest part are the flight and hotel costs. Do the churches really need all those ministers flying in for “revival” ?
    Poor church members (it is written that most of the believers are not of noble standards in the house of GOD. So the speaker dares dining at full breakfast and lunch tables. This is not against you, my sister. Spending time in real life together with church families, this is something they avoid whenever they can. What an unbiblical disease that hinders all in true revival. Revival starts in washing the dishes for others, or washing the feet or cleaning the shoes of a sister / brother. If a family has 5 children, the parents, no matter if pastors or elders, they can truly need every helping hand.
    But I understand your point of view and your experiences. Church musicians are often loud show bands. And how much must these instruments have cost… People, wake up and SERVE one another ! Not only at nice Advent basars, raising funds for far away countries, when round the corner help and care is urgently needed.

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