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    • Dear Priscilla, tbe beauty of His heart for us is beyond words!!! Thanks for your blessings as we rejoice in His goodness and kindness that never ends! xoxo Sandi

  1. Thanks for your word,I need prayer for God to turn around my life, our family and bring, spiritual healing, physically healing, financial healing, salvation, restoration, wisdom, grace, favour, prophetic word, holy spirit power and God blessings.  God bless so much.

    • Benjamin, I am praying now and will put you and your family back on my prayer list. I so appreciate your faithful heart to trust and believe. Thank you for the blessing and your input, In Faith believing with you, Sandi Holman

  2. Good beautiful Day Sandi. :)
    I’ve been thinking on this word today…at just about every corner.
    Refreshing…oohhh Lord, hallelujah!!
    I just can’t even begin to imagine how it will be to not be under this bad…bad…stuff.
    Just about a half hour ago, while meditating on Him, I heard, “No eye has seen, nor ear has heard.”
    I had no idea you were suffering such intense physical pain and torment. I’m so sorry. It reminds me a bit of Wendy Alecs’ testimony in her book ‘Visions From Heaven.’ Soo Good!!
    We’re climbing yet another mountain in our family as well, and it’s a doozie.
    Last night while praying with a friend, which we’ve decided to do every Wed night, she began to share the uncomfortable and toxic encounters she’d had all day at work. As we began to pray the Spirit took me right up to His viewpoint for both our needs, to see them from above and not in the middle, from the Kingdom viewpoint instead of the world’s changed everything. I wasn’t expecting it, but WOW!! What a difference when we pray that way…it was beautiful!!
    What a pure reflection you are of His Heart Sandi!!
    God bless you for sharing!! :)

    • Dear Cherish, So glad you were able to partake of every area of this word. Yes, Refreshing is truly happening and fresh oil for a deeper anointing as well. Yes my physical struggles have been quite challenging but HE is so faithful. HE raised up such mighty intercessors that stood with me and I am so grateful. Thank you for you kind words. It is truly my desire to be a reflection of His heart. THE ANCHOR TRULY HOLDS. Such a wonderful true promise. Love and blessings, Sandi

    • Yes, Indeed Mag Alves..we are shouting Hallelujah for His LOVE and Faithfulness to hold us steady in the storm! Many blessings, Sandi Holman

  3. Thank you so so much for this. As soon as I entered in to this reading I felt the Witness all over me. This is so timely and I just had to stop and say thank you for writing it out for all of us. I feel like praising instead of crying for once!!!

    • I am so grateful to you Melanie for stopping and sharing the witness of your spirit. I too am praising Him in the Hallway as I wait for the doors to open that He has prepared for us in this new day of new beginnings. Many blessings to you as you give Him praise! Sandi Holman

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