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The Lamb Who Roars Vindication — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord for this so timely encouraging and full of truth, love and victory word for us. My prayer is for all who are suffering persecution for His name sake, that He will reveal Himself to them in a very awesome way so that they can sing the song of victory!!!  Thank you Deborah for your beautiful heart of love for our saviour and His body.  I love reading what the Lord gives to all His servants.  Each one is a beatiful gem in His sight.

  2. Please pray for me that I might bring forth what I have been called to bring forth. I have been in a white hot fiery trial for 31 years, and now, the transformation must be completed. I am in great travail, and the evil one has brought his army against me. Please pray that I might be transformed for God’s service. Thank you!

    • The LORD WILL bring it forth. He will bring you forth. REST! Lay back in His arms and let Him do it. No strife! You may Rest. Nothing can stop the LORD from bringing it forth Kirk.

      • Thank you Yvonne! I has come forth! And additionally, I am on the road away from Satan’s road blocks. I still feel Satan around me, but also sense that he has no power over me. Thank you again for your prayers!!!

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