The Ancient Of Days Is Impacting Earth


Reflecting on our week in Lake Tahoe, I must say the weather, geography, scenery, company, and teaching were the best ever.

pier 111A perfect ‘111;’ in fact we stayed at ‘111’ Country Club Drive, and visited a nearby Pier ‘111.’  Every spiritual moment leading up to, and even the central theme of the conference itself was “a new day is upon us.”

There was such a sense of newness, new time, new day, new energy.  It was as if heaven came to earth for a week visit, just for us.

My strongest spiritual takeaway is the power and authority our Heavenly Father has invested in us – the power to move mountains for His glory; the level of warfare we must be willing to wage to walk in total victory: The necessity to answer every negative thought with what God has said about that very thought!

The entire week was EMPOWERING – a convergence of time, people, circumstances, and revelation that changed our lives.  Being refreshed and invigorated leads to a renewed and clear purpose, and nothing motivates like destiny….NOTHING!

We learned of the power of intentionality (the eyes and heart of Joshua and Caleb), never sidetracked by giants or thick walls, but ‘determined’ to see His manifested glory.

In this state there is no room for doubt, second guessing, fear, or apprehension – its ‘go time’ and nothing can stop what God is releasing through His many-membered Body.

The Ancient of Days has hit the earth; everything has changed for the saints of the Most High – a functioning Body is connecting in specific purpose; change is in the air – a true metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly… a natural evolution into something entirely different without stress, strain, or great effort – it’s just happening!

The flow into this new design requires one effort – REST!

The supernatural is becoming natural, because we, as God’s people, have moved out of the way, granting (Him) permission ‘to be’ and ‘to do’ exactly as He wishes in our lives.

Rest and watch – supernatural change (convergence) is happening all over the earth, as God connects and builds His many-membered Body into a functioning Kingdom entity for His very own glory.



Clay Sikes

Clay SikesClay Sikes  ~ Lighthouse Prophecy.



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The Ancient Of Days Is Impacting Earth — 1 Comment

  1. Hello! And thank you for this message! Listen, nobody knows me or who I am. But only bc the forever blessed Lord Jesus King Jesus he keeps me and many many others who have no name but are known by Him thank you for your telling of things to come. The phrase “New day” and “enter His rest” are the whispers of the words from Almighty Father to His people everywhere these last days!  All praises and Glory to His Name! !! Blessings to you!