We Hoped Our Hearts Would Follow…


As we have tried to accomplish a prescribed list of deeds in the flesh, we have hoped that our hearts would follow.

Yet what our Father seeks is those who turn towards Him first in their hearts.  He knows that when our hearts turn towards Him our flesh will follow.

Seek Him with all of your heart.

Trying to justify ourselves through acts is a futile and joyless existence.

Even if we are disciplined and accomplish all that we have set out to do, we will have missed entirely His blessing.

We will have chosen our own wisdom over His.

Our man made wisdom is foolishness in the face of our LORD.

Our man made righteousness is but filthy rags in His sight.

He desires that we should come to Him just as we are.

Fixing ourselves through a prescribed list of “do’s” and “don’ts” will leave us failed, empty, dry and completely devoid of peace.

How much is enough?

How many accomplishments can justify us before His absolute perfection?

We cannot justify self.

We are only justified through faith.

We are only justified through the selfless sacrifice of Christ Jesus our LORD!

Apart from Him we stand guilty, flawed and broken.

Yet He invites us to lay these burdens down.

He invites us to lay them all at the foot of the Cross.

We have a standing invitation to approach Him boldly in His Throne Room of grace.

It is not because we deserve such things.

His grace is all encompassing.

His peace reaches beyond our understanding.

His love was, is and will always be.

Why would we deny such goodness and mercy for a man made list?  Why would we hold Him at arms length until we feel worthy?

I tell you the truth.

You will never be worthy.

You will never be good enough apart from His mercy and His grace.

Lay it down!

Lay down your pride.

Lay down your need to justify self.

Lay down the brick and mortar you have used to construct walls around your heart!  Let His wrecking ball of love smash your construction project into dust and free your heart!
Let His grace flow through you.

He will turn the curses into blessings, isolation into relationship and sorrow into joy!

The broken pieces of our lives are evident in the culmination of sorrows, grief, tragedies, abuse, shame and losses.

We can try desperately to piece it all back together but the very best we can hope for is inferior to what we began with.  The cracks and missing pieces are evident in our own shoddy craftsmanship.

Only Jesus transforms our brokenness.  Only He can take what was shattered and useless and reshape it.

Only He can take broken, and through masterful artistry, transform it into beautiful.


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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