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  1. Shalom and Blessings Apostle Kevin!  amen amen encouraged by the many timely words of the Lord
    All Glory to Jesus smiles

    Have suddenly received many emails re the post of the comment above by “”another Johanna

    TO CLARIFY to all no this is NOT me, yet the content was written on Lords website Carried on Eagles wings and that is what it is all about!  the content amen,…Total dependance on HIM Jesus, Not by Might not By Power BY His spirit saith the Lord, Yahweh Bless you all remaining innn His rest Abiding preparing keep Loving HIM, His Bride
    SoaringeagleMinistries Europe Johanna

  2. If the Lord has chosen you to a specific call and/or callings…one that has to endure so much suffering and tribulations…so much turmoil and battle and heartache…such a one just have to accept the call and follow Him and carry his/her cross…but in acceptance of it and stop fighting emotionally against it…in order to attain His peace and overcoming strength to endure…to focus their eyes and spirit on Him and the work to be done….to focus on the Spirit and His guidance to carry out His work continually…and stop fiddling about the hardships and battles…but focus rather on the work at hand while it is day…to overcome by His peace and to overcome these struggles going on by focussing on God and His work and pray in being strong in spirit to resist flesh and temptation so you will remaining in His peace love Spirit and work. All by His grace. So there will be a time he/she will realsie that these things that happens isnt something that will stop…just differ…since he/she has been called in this calling….so let him/her be encourages that you can stop fighting against the trails and hardships and so stop draining yourself emotionally and spiritually in fighting it…since it is part of your life now and you ve to rather remain calm peaceful strong and at peace while rather focusing on Him and become stronger in Him…you will overcome as He is with you and will never leave you and as you focus on Him and being strong in Him…you will overcome through Him the Christ and remember pray all the much more and become stronger cause the flesh is weak…Jesus told His disciples on the mount…Jesus had to go through so much…He prayed and went in solitude with His Father every day…mornings and evenings…in being strong to overcome and stay in Father. He knew no matter what happens …His Father and Spirit will never leave Him. Amen. Glory to God Most High the Lord.

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