Pray now, for Supernatural Love!


“But as My river of honey flows out like a tsunami, I will destroy every bit of unbelief, doubt and skepticism in your hearts.  I will destroy every lie of the enemy, every stronghold, every chain that has bound you.

Love is truly the GREATEST gift that I have given to mankind.  I AM LOVE, so all you have to do is ask for more of ME.  Ask for more love, and I will give to you, that you can love with MY LOVE.

My supernatural LOVE, is more powerful than anything the enemy can use.

My LOVE leads to repentance.  It is the most powerful force in heaven and on earth. 
Contend for My love.  Ask for it daily.  Ask for it to fill you up and to help you love others as I LOVE THEM.  I will give you the grace to love if you do.  For you are called to LOVE your enemies.  You are called to LOVE instead of Hate.  YOU are called to love them, even as I have loved YOU, and been patient with your weaknesses and foibles.  

So will you ask now to love as I love?  Will you lay down all your worldly vendettas?  For vengeance is MINE,”

says the Lord is written clearly for all to see.

“Pray for that SUPERNATURAL LOVE to fall on officials of your governments, state, and local, and federal.  Ask for it to blow through the church and burn up all the chaff.  For I am coming like a mighty WIND, and all the chaff will be burned with My Spirit of BURNING.  You will cry out for MERCY when this happens.  But it will be too late for some who refuse to repent.”


God bless you,
~  Priscilla

Priscilla Van Sutphin of Upstream Ministriesby: PRISCILLA VAN SUTPHIN of Upstream Ministries,  California Email: goinupstream   Donate to Upstream: via secure paypal by sending as gift to goininupstream Or send to Upstream, PMB 545, 14311 Newport Blvd, Suite G, Tustin, CA 9278


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