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The Battle for the Glory at The Ancient Gates — 7 Comments

  1. I had a dream a week or so ago & it was a dragon had come & my Mom & me knew we had to become like chocolate (?). We jumped into a hole & I started churning with my hands & feet & chocolate started taking over, the chocolate was poison to the dragon & we knew he would hate it.  I know it’s a crazy dream but I knew it meant something.

  2. Grazie Padre, perché sei onnipotente e sovrano su tutto! Grazie perché hai scelto di condividere le Tue meraviglie con noi che siamo piccoli e siamo niente per il mondo! Padre, sei sorprendente e incantevole! Grazie,nel nome di Gesù♡

    [ HKP : “Thank you Father, for you are almighty and sovereign over all! Thank you for choosing to share Your wonders with us who are small and are nothing to the world! Father, you are amazing and enchanting! Thank you, in the name of Jesus♡” ]

  3. God bless you woman of God! The war at the Well of Jacob. Let’s go UP John 4:

    1. God breaks barriers – war at Jacob’s well – we see it has to do w/people groups – Jews and Samaritans historically separated based on ethnicity John 4:9 NIV – text shows ethnic, gender barrier broken culturally women were barely acknowledge – John 4:20 NIV domination barrier

    The war at Jacob’s well is about worship. In Spirit and Truth John 4:23-24 NIV Religion vs Relationship

    3. The first woman of the 5 Fold – a no name Evangelist – she told the men about Jesus AND they went John 4:28-30 – this is the woman who had 5 husbands and was in a situation John 4:16-17 the hour cometh and now is – salvation came to Samaria, cities, states, territories, nations. The Glory is at the Gates!

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