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The Bear Nation Arises With a Hunger for War! — 20 Comments

  1. I have received Veronika’s prophecies from time to time and am always happy to find them. I would love to get all of them. I appreciate and admire her greatly as I believe she is a true prophetess and woman of God.
    We are assuredly in troublesome but interesting times.
    All glory be to God.

  2. If you go into Daniel. God puts on the thrown of men who he wishes. Joe Biden. We have 3 end time nations together. Russia.Iran.China. read Revalation and see. They look to run the world. We’re about to see a war get out of hand fast. Aaron Rogers said. When small men cast long shadows. Cannot end of days be near?

  3. I am also suspicious about some of what we are hearing in the news concerning Russia.  While we should be alert to the possibility that any individual nation may at any timestart a war, we should also be aware that greater, global-corporatist interests are really more in control of much what is going on in the world.  It is these interests that control the news media, and which may be trying to create a major diversion, now that their narrative of a “pandemic” is beginning to fail. 

    I believe we should value Russia as a nation, as one which at least still upholds traditional Christian social values, and pray that she will experience a full work of salvation.

    • I totally agree. The apparent bias against Russia is based more on experience with the Stalinist regime of the Soviet Union than on the current Russian people or government. Too many questions about the dirt and corruption in Ukraine to lay the blame for this recent action on Russia while ignoring what the UK and US are trying desperately to hide.

  4. I’m just wondering why Russia/Ukraine are “at it” again when Biden is in office. In 2014 it was Obama so something is a bit fishy there, to me at least. America is behind this 100%. They were funding Ukraine back then and they are funding them now seems like. It’s my understanding that it’s all because of Ukraine wanting to join NATO which Russia is opposing. Gotta ask why . Is Russia really the aggressor or is the US along with NATO wanting to start something more sinister?

    • To me it seems this is like the Cuban missile crisis.  Russia doesn’t want NATO parked next door on their border.  America didn’t either. Biden and NATO seem to be provoking a new war against a formidable foe. This is unwise. I pray things will deescalate and sanity will prevail.

    • I read on one of the news channels on Telegram that Biden family owns 1300 miles of tunnels under Ukraine for drug and sex trafficking including satanic ritual abuse of babies and children.

    • Exactly right…Obama along with US and NATO overthrew the president and government in 2014 by a coup and put in their puppet that’s in there now. This Nazi regime that was placed in position have been harming and killing people there and the people of Ukraine asked Putin for help! There’s been money laundering through Ukraine from Biden and his son, child trafficking, ect that God is about to expose!

  5. Veronica, I must say I hit and miss reading just a few articles posted mostly just on HKP.

    Today I was drawn to read your article.

    My mouth about fell open when you was saying about a ‘dragon spirit’.. Also you posted about Red Dragon too.

    Got a strong warning further just today & yesterday.
    Some for years.

    I really want to go back and read again your article. Thank you.

    Posting the Word here to see if Perhaps you would be kind enough to shed further light. If not I so understand. God bless you.


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