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The Bear Nation Arises With a Hunger for War! — 19 Comments

  1. Please please can you help me understand all thats happening & going to happen.
    I do know some things..
    But words aren’t something i understand properly..
    Old lay woman..
    Bear, Dragon, red dragon i can interpret as China..
    I struggle to understand the references in the bible..
    I know i need to be in God..
    I please please need help interpreting.
    Its like code names & i just don’t understand.
    My whole life has been abuse.
    So politics & anything in the world, i knew nothing about.
    As much as we were bought up in the church & i was born again 6yrs ago..
    Im luke warm & i know it. I don’t want to be..
    But i desperately need help..
    Thank you for considering me as a student.
    Im 56 & sick..
    God bless you..
    Sorry i dont know how to get on like telegram etc. Not tech savvy in the slightest..

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