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The Beauty of Brokenness — 12 Comments

  1. AMEN !!! Thank You for you obedience to the Lord ! In Christ Jesus, subjected in hope and in His love, Eagle Warrior

  2. Amen and amen!!  2 years ago I received a revelation from the Lord.  The body of Christ needs to develop its own economy.  Only this year did I hear it repeated.  It is time!!  It is time for release, to enter the Valley of Blessing, to enter the Valley of Birthing, to step into the vision, to build the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  Let it be so Lord!

  3. What a timely word for me. My son injured his arm pitching last year and lost his baseball season. Something he and I have worked super hard and trained up in for years. He made the vey competitive team this year ONLY to be benched. But I heard God tell me that he would Super exceed my expectations and be second to none. I asked God for a confirmation and I got one that day as a prophet of God released a prophesy of what looked like failure would turn around. God told me a Paradigm shift would happen and it did that week just as it was said. But the struggle is real. I prayed again for God to speak to me concerning it. Strangely, last night I had a dream and in the dream I opened the front door and there stood an old high school friend of mine named Larry West, he was carrying a duffle bag (a message). He was happy to see me, then the dream was over. I now realize that that dream was God telling me to look at your page as his last name is WEST and Larry means “Crowned with a laurel” Plus a door is Jesus and Victoria you are the message deliver, delivering me this message of hope. AMEN!!!

  4. Thank You Abba! & Veronika , for this Word of Truth & CONFIRMATION! & The Spoil is for the Righteous! I AlO Receive The Prophet’s Reward!  SUDDEN MANIFESTATION is MY Portion! God is DOING It Again!!!  Blessings are Manifesting NOW! Welcome to GOSHEN!☝IT IS SO!
    IT’S HARVEST TIME! Thank You Lord for Manifesting 3John 1:2 in This Hour! Lord Bless Us to BE A Blessing!

  5. O Lord my God, before whom I stand, have I not heard, have I not been shown for so many a year, your great victory and faithful fulfilling of your promises? Yeah Lord, I’ve seen and heard you would do. And now your words draw near, for the time is at hand, and oh what a time! For heaven and earth to sing your praise, for all who draw breath to proclaim and up-praise your Word, your glory your and your fame. For from sea to shining sea and throughout the nations you will be honored and rightly receive the reward due your Name. Victory, yes, yes, sweet sweet Victory in Jesus’ Name.

  6. Greetings in Jesus’s name to you my sister in Christ, Veronika West.
    What an awesome Word and a sure confirmation for me. Was in prayer this morning, studying 2 Chronicles chapter 20 that was given to me by a servant of God. God surely speaks to His children!
    I receive in Jesus’s name His confirmation!
    Thanks and bless you “sister” Veronika

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