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To Rule the World — 6 Comments

  1. How can one not take sides in a blood-thirsty war against innocent men, women, and children? I have heard from the Father about this, as seen in my most recent prophetic word.
    Wake up people! Putin wants world dominion, and one would be wise to know that.
    One would also be wise not to listen to newscasts from some who point out conspiratorial things concerning Zelenskyy.

  2. Exactly Paul. Let’s not take sides. Even though I understand completely what Mark writes. As far as I can see now it is Azov neonazi batallion killing civilians. The far right nationalist movement is very present in Ukraine. Most people in the West reading Western media outlets have no idea about what’s going on.

    Personally I believe there are bigger forces at work here and we are seeing the rise of the Revived Roman Empire. The final kingdom for thr antichrist, before Jesus Christ returns. Former president Barosso said: I compare the creation of the European Union as the creatiom of the empires… the empires.”
    EU parliament represents the tower of Babel. The name Europa refers to the myth of Zeus.
    The powers that be know very well what they are working on and this is all foretold. Watch it unfold. Our hope is in Christ alone.. our Rock, Anchor, Refuge, Strong Tower, Shield.. Salvation!

  3. Please be careful about taking sides. We need to see and hear from our Father’s viewpoint. Until we do you can trust that many things are not what they seem to be.

    • I totally agree with you, why are we judging who is right and who is wrong when we DO NOT know or See, Let US as God’s people lift our voices in prayer, and hear from Him, this war was planned way in advance,let Us not take sides I just pray for God’s help for those people that are cot in between The forces. We hear WAY to much propaganda. Let’s listen to God‘s voice

  4. I often also consider how power hungry autocrats caused the death of over 14,000 civilians in the Donbas simply because they were Russian speaking citizens of Ukraine. Sad how the West loves to overlook that horror while focusing on so many made up ones.

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