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The Beginnings of Sorrows for Nations (Updated) — 8 Comments

  1. unity in the Spirit to what God has declared and decreed for all the nations of the earth yes judgment and vengeance is coming and in motion, but we must pray and intercede for one another that we all see the open door God sets before us as the way of escape no matter how things that can be shaken are shaking. This is not a time of worrying about the flesh and its comfort zone this is a time of great awakening a time of revival a time of God pouring OUT His glory out and purging out wickedness and unbelief the end result of all this is going to be huge God ruling and reigning in the earth LET IT BE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN

  2. Taiwanese President Tsai and the ruling party, DPP, have promoted LGBTQ agenda and legalized homosexual marriage. Worse, the ruling party promote and encourage murding unborn babies! What’s more, Taiwanese and the ruling party all are the Devil worshipers and they’re worshipping the Devil when DPP controlled Taiwan since 2016. They worship all kinds of evil idols, promote LGBTQ agenda and have committed all kinds of abominations again the Most HIgh. However, a lot of false and corrupt so-called Christainssupport this evil President and the corrupt evil ruling party, DPP, They are decieved and deceive other Christains but God will not be fooled by them. Pray for Taiwan!

    • 身為台灣人,你說的沒錯,台灣太多罪惡了,淫亂充斥台灣,充斥著我們的教育系統。

      [HKP : Google Translate : “As a Taiwanese, you are right, Taiwan has too many sins, promiscuity floods Taiwan, floods our education system.” ]

    • President Tsai of Taiwan thinks that she was serving justice when she was promoting LGBTQ agendas and homosexual marriage. She is deceived and does not know the truth of God. She does worship idols like most Taiwanese people do, but she isn’t really enthusiastic about that. Actually, she would sometimes cite the bible. Pray for her. Pray for Taiwan. We sin against the Lord.

  3. We are sitting on the edge of fall everything falls in the fall everything that can be shaken will be shaken! Thank you Father your kingdom come your will be done in earth as in Heaven

  4. I have felt lately how “off” it feels.  It’s like a spell of complacency has falling over America.  It’s like the fight spirit isn’t alive on most.  We must hate sin & injustice & stand strong. This is the days for strong words & strong songs.  May Gods harvest come forth.

  5. The urgency has most definitely increased!!
    I rise very early to pray every morning in Minnesota, USA, and this morning at 2:30am upon awakening, as I was checking in the Spirit, I heard “quickly”.
    I immediately arose and began to intercede.
    This is no game, and this is no joke. There’s no room for apathy or complacency in this Hour, NOW is the time to act, and act quickly.
    God bless beautiful lady!!

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