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Warriors Who Stand at the Gates (Updated) — 8 Comments

  1. Dear God’s vessel of honor Sandi, I would like to add that the “Heart” is the GATEWAY (enterance/exit) of good or evil which can either yield positive or negative impacts on all activities of our life. This then makes the Heart the most important part of human being & a strategic battleground of attacks. This why a lot of emphases is placed on the Heart in the Bible. It’s the part that cries to God; the part God sees, judges, searches for purity & deposits His words which can either grow if well nurtured by the Holy spirit or be destroyed by satanic attacks if not properly guided. Similarly, The mind is the part that brings to actions what is conceived in the heart. It is the decision making point. That’s why you hear the phrase “Make up your mind”. It must come in agreement with the Heart for proper spiritual warfare & victory. May God create in us a clean, yielding heart for his kingdom purposes in this end time.  Praying for the success of your soon to be published Book on Heart.
    More anointing & Divine strength. Thanks

  2. Sandi, what an amazing revelatory word! Thank you for sharing your insight. Bless you! Can’t wait for your book to come out! I want a signed copy, dear friend! ❤️

    • Thanks so much dear Heidi. So glad it ministered to you. Please pray for my book to be completed ASAP. I have had so many interruptions. You shall get one, my friend! Blessings and love, Sandi

    • Dear DE, I am grateful for all those encouraging words. May His word go forth in power to encourage, restore, empower, strengthen, renew and lift up all who read it. Blessings, Sandi Holman

  3. Sandi, so beautifully written and needed in the last days. Love this Word!
    You spoke, “We must stop and take a moment to prepare our minds afresh, morning by morning, for we recognize that Satan’s attacks are primarily directed at the mind.”

    I prayed that prayer near the beginning twice this morning with you. Love you. Blessings & hugs. Joyce

    • As always, dear Joyce, I couldn’t agree with you more it is so needed in these last days. We must take a stand and stand at the gate. I am working on my mind as I speak. Thankful for your heart and friendship that flows freely out of His love! xoxo Sandi

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