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The Best and Worst of Days — 2 Comments

  1. Amazing word woman of God! Personally, had one of those “boom” moments from a young man while ordering a sandwich just days ago. He asks; “gotta any advise for life”? – w/a pause, I said to him keep God first. He then ask, how to do. that…I ask, if he know where to find God…he said I sounded like his g/ma…So here I go…quoted first few verses of John – to bring insight that God is the Word. He asks what’s the word. My reply; “Gen.- Rev. is God’s Word”. But encouraged him as a new reader/s to start in John. He said he would…and said I will check back. Gonna bring him a book out of personal collection. – Why Believe in Jesus by the late Tim LeHaye – God is moving in phenomenal ways all around the world…..!

  2. Sherry, all here is so straight on the mark and to the point! Thank you my sister for being such a pure beacon of light.

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