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Good News Is Headed Your Way! — 5 Comments

  1. OH MY GOD! THIS IS GOOD NEWS! THANK YOU ABBA FATHER for the DIVINE RECOMPENSE- JEHOVAH GMOLAH- is HERE NOW TO BRING IT TO PASS! THANK YOU JEHOVAH EL SHADDAI For the More Than Enough Blessings you have overturned the Tables of the Enemy & IT is MY TIME & MY TURN FOR BREAKTHROUGH MANIFESTATIONS OF THE BLESSING OF THE LORD THAT MAKETH RICH AND ADDED NO SORROW! I rejoice , for IT is MY SET TIME for Victory & Rejoicing & No Shame & No more Delay & NO more disappointment! GLORY HALLELUJAH!!! Thank you my sister❣️

  2. Wow!!! I pray to God that all who are meant to, will read and absorb this Word of encouragement!! Thank you so much!!
    I asked the Lord one day, how can there be delay Almighty God, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, Author and Finisher? One day, years later, I was just finishing our morning time together when the Holy Spirit spoke and said, “There is no delay.” Truly we can rest in His Perfect Timing. He will never fail us, and He will never leave us as orphans. HE IS AN ON TIME GOD!! I’ve been easily turning over to Him all that’s releasing opposition against me, and simply inviting Him into the wounds the enemy is targeting. As a result the healing has increased exponentially!!
    We will go forth like calves released from the stall, trampling down the wicked, making them dust beneath our feet!!
    All who rage against us will be shamed and disgraced, they will be as nothing at all. We will look for them and not even find them!!
    We will rejoice in the Lord, and glory in the Holy One of Israel!! Whoop Whoop!! :D
    Thank you dear beautiful lady!!
    Thank You Abba Father!!

  3. 20+ years in coming.  Yes, Lord.  I believe.  Eagerly awaiting!

    Thank you for your very encouraging words, Dr. Evans!

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