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Many have argued for years now, who is in it, and who is not.  One reason might be, that perhaps we were told, we had it all right, and no one else did.  We might begin by asking ourselves anew, what “body” are we talking about anyway.  Whose body is it?

Since it is His body, one might think that He, would be the one to decide who was a member, and who was not.  We also might conclude, that He determines, those who no longer belong.

Today, we might find ourselves wishing, that much more time had been spent on studying and understanding this body of His.  To me, it does seem pretty clear, about what Jesus and His Apostles had to say concerning this matter.  Did we ever wonder just why, so much time and emphasis was placed on all of its parts?  If we had a true understanding of the truth, that everyone has their own particular place, much less conflict would have arisen among us.

Jointly fit together.  Think about our own bodies; the way all of the parts function together.  And what happens when even one small part dysfunctions or becomes ill.  The entire body can be in pain over a toothache or a hang-nail on a finger.  What happens when our own bodies are out of balance; we are unable to maintain the health we were intended to have.

It’s no different in the Body of Christ; every part working closely together, nourishing each other and all of it, in balance. Is this not, what Christ himself intended.

I read earlier today, a comment that speaks up front to us.  It said, “the lust for power, for dominating others, inflames the heart more than any other passion.”  Many wish, that this was not prevalent among so many who say they are in this precious body of His.  The promoting of self, the reality of this need for power and control, and the building up of our own special kingdom, is harmful to the entire Body.  It fosters envy, jealousy and distrust, and it presents a weaker and more powerless version of the way God had set it up.

The more we pray, read and study His Word, the more we discern in the Spirit, we surely come to realize, that more people belong to Him than we once thought.  Those who do their best to live for Christ and serve Him with their heart, are indeed our own brothers and sisters in the Lord.

The idea that we think it right to reject any of these, matters not to Christ.  I’m so glad, that He said that once we are a part of Him, He will never let us go.  Never, means never.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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