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The Childlike Soul — 3 Comments

  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited the site. As I scrolled through the titles, I was very much drawn to yours. Not bcuz of the wording, for honestly, it appeared completely off topic of what I’d been talking to the Lord about. But? Yes! As always, the Holy Spirit provided exactly, to the proverbial “T”, what I needed to see. Father, help me to surrender all that I am to Your will so I may complete the tasks you created me to. Please please! Deliver me from the enemy and his lies! It’s imperative I accept and believe whole-heartedly that you love me. And heal my heart, my soul and my spirit.. Empower me with the skills to accept, forgive and LOVE myself, the innocent child they spoke Death upon and tried to murder in the womb. You saved me then, for a purpose. Please mend all my broken pieces, Lord, so I may finally feel
    whole and complete.

  2. Thank you Sherry for your obedience in releasing this precious word. Yes, the fissures in our foundation are being exposed and repaired. Have your way Lord, precious Holy Spirit pour Your truth and love into every trauma and false mindset so we can be whole.

  3. Thank you dear sister,I understand what is being having suffered also just like Jesus and other brothers and sisters in Christ.
    But The Lord is All knowing and sees everything and we say thank you Faithful Lord.
    Bless you sister

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