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  1. It’s been my opinion for some time that the churches don’t speak often enough about sex.  If the youth ministers and teachers at my church are up to date with the tranny craze and homo conditioning in schools, I’m not aware of it.  I believe the churches should be taught by someone with experience in this area.  We need godly wisdom.  Church leaders often copy the blueprint of other churches instead of asking God if that’s what they should do.  The most powerful tool in the gay itinerary is emotional manipulation.  I’ve seen many soften their stance against gays because of this.  The bible tells us to know your enemy.  We need to learn their tricks, and keep watch on the teachers and schools.  And keep your children out of the school/public library where pro-gay books are kept in the children’s section.  In today’s high-tech world, children don’t need a library.  The parents should help them research things on a computer.  The bible says, my people perish from lack of knowledge.  In these last days, the world is quickly speeding towards Jesus’ return, and we need to be just as quick in keeping up with current events.

  2. I’m reminded of Reinhard Bonnke’s words.. “HELL SHALL NOT WIN!” In Roman’s 6-8 the Apostle Paul says that we can serve Jesus in the mind, but our bodies still be bound to the flesh. He goes on to say, “What a wretched man that I am! How do I overcome this body of sin?” The answer lies within the Power of the Holy Spirit sent to ALL who are afar off. We repent of our sins. The precious blood of Jesus washes us, cleanses us, and purifies us of our sins. Then we must ask the Holy Spirit to come in for powerful living. This power is what enables us to keep conquering our sin! As I’m sure Reinhard Bonnke would then say.. RIGHTEOUSNESS MUST REIGN!!

  3. One reason the church walks in lack of “spiritual power” is because it is obsessed with what (the other) sinners do or do not. Obsession of ‘others’ sin is the enemys tactic to keep you in His control.
    When you instead are “obsessed” of guarding yourself from sin there is no time no interest in what the others do because your focus is only om the Lord, and the next step of obedience.

    Believers need to understand where their focus must be because what you focus at,no matter if it is “clean” or not, is what you “worship”.

    • I totally disagree. There is not any attention brought to or speaking on this topic, because people are afraid to speak on it. This is why I left the church building, because I trusted into too much of what they thought, what they dictated, not God, grieving the Holy Spirit. God’s Word is against many things and the blood will be on the hands of the coward, who decided to ice skate around these sins, pretending everything is normal.

      Jesus instructed all sin to be addressed, even as he did in Sodom and Gomorrah, maybe we would like God to destroy the nations like he did then, but because of God’s Divine Grace, many test the Lord, because Jesus is the mediator, even when God wanted to erase us from the world, Jesus Christ spoke on our behalf, yet we want to say where our attention should be focused, preaching the Salvation of the Lord, preaching against becoming comfortable living in and around sin, pretending it doesn’t exist. There are too many cowards and God’s Word mentions, speaking about keeping our mouths shut on addressing these issues, the Word of God offends because of True Holiness and Righteousness, so if one is offended, it is because the Word of God has exposed, convicting us, we should rightfully embrace the discipline from the Lord, praying, seeking God for a change of our heart, it’s a heart condition.

    • Amen and thank you for standing up for righteousness.  So many are even afraid to stand up and speak the truth.  We must proclaim the GOSPEL OF JESUS THE CHRIST and not our own according to our understanding or please any particular group of people.  The One we must please is King Jesus and we know he loves these people also and His heart longs for them to turn from their wicked ways like the rest of us so they can experience His love and care.  It seems also that many are turning back to God to the glory of Father, Son and Holy Spirit

      • Praise God! Amen! God bless you, Sister in Jesus Christ! He truly is, the Lord brought me back into his fold of His sheep, after me wandering in the wilderness. He brought brought me back with a strong boldness in him, for his Kingdom, for his Word, not to compromise with the evil in this world, even when it is the unpopular vote or as the narrow path in Christ, many will not follow, because many may not be used to giving up themselves, to living the fullness in Jesus Christ, denying ourselves for His Glory.

        God bless you! I’ve seen too much in the world not to fully serve God or compromise with what a majority of the world will not stand up for, for the sake of Jesus Christ. God’s Word says, those who seek to save their life, will lose it and those who in a sense or literally in parts of the world will lose their life for him, will be Saved.️❤️

  4. Praise God! Amen! Thank you, for sharing, Brother Travis Coffey! God has been addressing this topic about sexual immorality, effiminate, having encounters with strange flesh.
    1 Corinthians 6:9……
    Deuteronomy 22:5….
    Leviticus 20:13….
    Romans 1:27….
    Genesis 19:1-38…..
    Leviticus 18:22….

    God’s Word addresses this subject many times, but for some reason, many try to avoid discussing this and the blood on their hands, not addressing these topics in the churches of today, to avoid personal conflict or to compromise for financial reasons, not wanting to lose a member, so I will not address the issue and condition of the heart, what God disapproves, what God hates, what is an abomination.

    I love all souls, but anything that breaks the Spiritual Laws of God, anything that is a stench in the nostrils, I am certainly against.

    I am in no way, a judge of or over anyone, but I know what God delivered me from with lust of the eyes, the flesh, pornography, etc. Of course mentioning these things will not get the popular vote, but God is pleased that it is addressed, when no one else will touch or speak on it out of fear. This is just 1 of the reasons, the Divine Judgements of Jesus Christ will be released upon the earth, the reason for Jacob’s Trouble, to purge, to purify the nations, to set Divine Order.

    • The correct understanding and interpretation of “strange flesh” is “mixture between different species”, in other words genetic manipulation.

      “One flesh” is therefore the same as the same species. The human species is “homo sapiens”. If you make a hybrid then you are breaking God’s genetically Laws “after His kind” and creates “strange flesh”.

      The word “generation” means genes that generates genes of the same kind
      = produces the same flesh.

      • I appreciate the breakdown and interpretation of flesh, I should have correctly used the term beastiality, but I tried to keep it family oriented. What I am setting ground on is, we must follow the instructions according to the Word of God, how to live, what to preach, speak and address. We will not be found in the Lamb’s Book of Life because of how much knowledge we’ve obtained, how many degrees we’ve obtained or how professional, accurate our English is, but by completing the Will of God, Obedience, Holiness, Righteousness, not compromising God’s Word for fear of losing church members, but speaking bold like Paul, Stephen, David, Moses, Abraham, The 3 Hebrew Boys, they did not compromise on account, strictly sold out for God, His Laws, Holiness and Righteousness, wasn’t a thought to bow down to any type of sin, even when they were the only three not bowing. We have biblical examples of true warriors in the Old Testament and New Testament, they weren’t hiding a building, but abroad, out speaking the Truth of God, of Jesus Christ, not concerned about naysayers, those who kept their mouths closed, but knew they should have spoke up.

        • Thanks a lot for your matured & Holy spirit filled words which you gave each time & has just given as posts.I thank God for your life. May God uphold you! I wiil like to add that God is faithful & true to His words. HE wants us to be Holy. This is undebatable. Yes, many Church leaders are not acting as true shepherd to their sheep(the members) & that’s why many of us do not know the gravity of this sin & other sins. I pray God will set anyone involved in this grievous sin & other all other sins free in Jesus name Amen!

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