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The Church of Sardis — 2021 — 3 Comments

  1. John’s letters to the churches are very prophetic and revelant pieces of the puzzle that make up the times we live in.  I am so glad that the letters to Philadelphia and Laodicea give us hope. Dutch Sheets has maintained that Pennsylvania ( Philadelphia is in this US state and was where the framers signed the “Declaration of Independence” ) is a key to the great awakening spreading across this land. Also the letter to laodicea speaks to a “faithful remnant”that is interceding all around the world!

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog, and signed up 4 more. My church, PLBC, has been studying Revelations too & look forward to reading more brother. Stay safe, and will speak 2 u again, if the LORD wishes it.

  3. Dear Sir, thank you for this exhorting, encouraging word.  I too, had to repent and say, “Lord have mercy on us your people for being complacent!!’  starting with me, and forgive us.  AND NOW WE MUST CONTINUE TO ACT ON OUR REPENTANCE.
    –in His love and partnership with you and all those who call on Him in truth.

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