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The Reason I Write — 4 Comments

  1. @ Yolanda Thank you so much for the download!  Finally I saw it and have now saved on my Chromebook. Already it is a blessing to me as I read.

  2. Yolanda, I was so impressed with your post and your book. I loved the book and especially how beautifully you designed it. I am in process of finishing the devotional part of my heart book and I am going to make it a Kindle book for the ease of it. Your book will certainly be a huge encouragement to all who read it. Thanks so much for sharing. Many Blessings to you, Sandi Holman

  3. @ Yolanda May I encourage you to try ‘Kindle Publishing.com’ ? You have so much to offer us. Where I started out with my first 2 books was on ‘Create Space’. It had ‘free tools’ to work with a few years ago. Then as they sold or merged with Amazon Kindle, it is very similar. You see, I didn’t even have the funds to get started. That may not be your problem, but it was a starting place with me. I tell people if I can figure out how to self publish anyone can, lolol. I had help editing my first book, but the 2nd I didn’t. Maybe this is your time!! The body of Christ needs you. My 3rd book is on Kindle just as a beginning. It’s hard me figure out how to convert old floppy disks i used, lol Still if to be completed there is a way. God bless you.

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