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The Comforter is here, Beloved — 1 Comment

  1. Awesome, Thank you Father God, for your words this day to me. I truly receive all and everything you have given and are about to do for me in my life.
    This is my set time of Promotion, Favor, and Yes I am Highly Favored of you.
    I thank you Father God, for opening up the windows of heaven for me. I see as you see.
    I believe your words spoken here, for it is you speaking into my heart, for you reside there, and this day, is awesome, I hear you Father God !
    Yes, your plans shall no longer be delayed, bring it forth speedily unto me, for I am so long overdue, my blessing time is Now.
    I declare and decree it so shall it be so. Oh thank you daddy, my awesome Savior, for doing such a work as you have promise for me, for this is truly Confirmation and all which you have spoken it to be for me. I am so delighted, so much so hearing your words, I treasure them highly, I am in tune with you, a joint heir, to all and everything you have given and blessed me to be, and it is such a joy knowing I’m receiving from your hands, the promise. Yes Father, you have sustained me, held my hand for such a time as this, to be a blessing, as you have blessed me. I love you.
    I’ve spoken it many times over to you, I love you, because you first loved me. Thank you, Thank you, and thank you Deborah Waldron Fry, for sharing, What a Blessing you are!

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