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The Sweet Fragrance of the Prayers and Praises — 11 Comments

  1. We first appreciate the Lord Jesus Christ to meet you. Our ministry is great appreciate for the doctrines words of wisdom and salvation . To follow up, we see salvation. Our ministry would like to join you for the betterment our internal lives.

  2. Amazing, powerful, alive word, blew my socks off, WOW, thank you for your obedience and courage sister.

  3. Amén hermana!!!! Gracias por compartir la visión de parte del Padre. Dios te bendiga y seguiremos luchando para que nuestro Elohim redima las naciones y las traiga al arrepentimiento,para Gloria y honra de su nombre.Yeshúa

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Amen sister!!!! Thank you for sharing the vision from the Father. God bless you and we will continue to fight for our Elohim to redeem the nations and bring them to repentance, for glory and honor of his name. Yeshua” ]

  4. Lord, this has been an amazing morning! What I have read here this morning both frightens me and excites me. I’m not ready, Lord. Yet, I shall be as it will be a quick work. I will absorb the word of God and retain it well for the first time in 24 years. I thank You for placing Robert Dale on my path. Many from all over the world are being commissioned by You, my Lord. Thank You for the visions/encounters which You have shared with Veronika West. Everything is culminating now, God Almighty. We must be about Your business. We will obey You and we will witness of Jesus and of His free gift of salvation wherever we go. We were destined to read this and we are called to evangelize the world. Amen!

  5. This is just what I’ve been praying for Praise our Most High God! Thank you dear sister for bringing this to us! Blessing’s to you in Yeshuas Holy Name

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