The Sweet Fragrance of the Prayers and Praises


“When the fragrance of their prayers and praises fill My nostrils, the books that are sealed shut will be opened, and My transforming glory will come,”  says God.

Yesterday during a time of prayer and Worship, I was suddenly caught up in a very powerful Vision, where I had a deep encounter with the Spirit of Revelation.

In this spirit encounter, I was taken gently by the hand and lead up to these HUGE solid brass double doors, as I looked at these heavy brass doors I could see a sign of the “Scales of Justice,” deeply engraved upon them.  I stood still for a moment, when suddenly the heavy double doors began to open in front of me.

I stepped inside and on taking the first step immediately I was overcome by a deep and dense fragrance that filled the air in this strange place.  “What is it”?, I asked, and immediately the Spirit of Revelation replied, “My Child it’s the sweet fragrance of the Prayers and Praises of My people”!

Then the Spirit of Revelation lead me further inside the room.  Now I could see what looked like a very large Court room.  At that very moment, I became aware of what looked like Warring Angels who were standing in the four corners of the room.  Then the Spirit of Revelation spoke and said, “Child Be Still, Do not Fear”!

As I dared to look again upon these angelic beings, I could see that their faces were fierce and bold.  These beings burned like a blazing Fire, but they were not consumed, but rather the Fire seemed to burn more and more intense as we drew closer to them.

These fiery beings were huge in statue and very powerful in appearance.  They stood absolutely still, almost as if standing at attention.  Each one totally undistracted and undeterred by my presence.  It was as if I was not even in the room.

Then the Spirit spoke again and said to me, “Daughter Come closer.”  As I drew nearer, He lead me up to a large marble table, its enormous size filled half of the room.  As I looked upon the table, I could see hundreds upon hundreds of Books.

Some Books lay fully opened, while others were sealed shut,  As I followed even closer, I saw that the books had the Names of different Nations engraved upon the front of them.

As I looked again I could see that the Books that lay open upon the table had hundreds upon hundreds of entries written upon their pages.  Line by line, each entry was written in gold.  I saw Debits and Credits and each entry seemed perfectly recorded.

But before I could ask, the Spirit of Revelation spoke and said, “Daughter See, The Books of the Nations are NOW being Balanced and Reconciled in this hour, and the gavel of My Justice and Vindication is coming down.  For I AM bringing compensation and recompense to My people in this hour and season”.

Now, as I listened carefully to what the Spirit was saying, my hand moved slowly towards one of the sealed Books that lay upon the table.  Immediately the Spirit gently touched my hand and said “Child it is not time yet, but soon.”

At that moment I understood, and the Spirit of Revelation whispered again, “Beloved, All the Books will be opened and All will be Vindicated,  All will be Reconciled and All will see My Justice and All will be compensated.”

After hearing these Words, I was lead by the Spirit out of the Court room and I watched as the large double doors closed behind me.

Then the Spirit of Revelation said these words to me, “Daughter, now go and tell My people to Open their mouths and let the sound of My Word go forth into the Nations.  Tell them the sound of My Word, NOW Awakens the Roar of the Lion of Judah across the lands.

Tell them that the sound of My Word is battering ram that goes forth to break down every stronghold of darkness and destruction

Tell them the Sound of My Word goes forth like a hammer that smashes rocks to pieces!”

Then again He spoke saying, “Daughter go and tell My people to Open their mouths and speak forth My Word and it will go forth to pierce and penetrate the darkest of darkness.

Tell My people that the Power of My Word will forge highways in the realms of the Spirit for the Rivers of My Glory to Come.

Daughter, go tell My people to Go up to the high places.  Tell them that when the fragrance of their prayers and their Praises fill My nostrils the Books that are sealed shut, will be opened and My Transforming Glory will Come.  My Justice and Vindication will Come.  My Compensation will come, and I will pour out Healing and Restoration upon their land.

Daughter, now go and tell My people to Eat My Word, to Speak My Word and Run with the Roar…!”

Then I came out of Vision!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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The Sweet Fragrance of the Prayers and Praises — 1 Comment

  1. This is a mighty vision!
    Thank you Father for speaking through your obedient people!