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  1. I AGREE…the MASK and vaccines in my opinion predestined towards the Mark of the beast, it does have similarity
    The vaccines are here it isn’t mandatory not yet. I do STAND with others NOT to take the vaccine. ALREADY some in high NUMBERS died within days after induced mostly elderly. In Norway, 53-54 eldely has died after taking the vaccine; one and two doses. READ the articles search Google, Yahoo.

  2. So are you including polio and smallpox vaccines in your list of evils?
    I’d rather not live in the dark ages, thank you.

    • No. The title says “the coming vaccine” – emphasis on the “coming” part. Also, the article says “DNA changing vaccines” – smallpox and polio vaccines did not change people’s DNA.

      • I’m pleased to hear that, Travis.
        Comprehensive condemnation of ALL vaccines, as espoused by some of the correspondents in this thread, is positively dangerous in my opinion.

    • I think he made it very obvious that this isn’t about polio, smallpox or vaccines in general but one specific vaccine.

  3. Thank you for this Travis. I have said many times, but have never heard anyone else say: why would a Christian inject disease into the temple of the Holy Spirit. Jesus died to free/heal us of evil disease and it is a huge sin to put disease into our bodies. Vaccines started/root in Taoism. It is superstition and fear based These shots say to God that He didn’t make our bodies right, that we know better and must inject ourselves with evil disease. All vaccines are evil and of the devil and need to be repented of.
    Thank you again for bringing this important Warning forward.
    God bless you, Joanie Vrooman

  4. Peruvian courts rules that 3 family’s “created “ coronavirus pandemic. There names can be found on dcdirtylaundry.com These people will not take the shot themselves but have planned for years to kill & lower the American population by telling us to take 1-3 shots making Billions of dollars. They are Luceferian. Do not take this shot. India is aware of them as they took shots in the past which paralyzed several hundred thousand of there people there. In Africa the women we’re given shots they were no longer able to reproduce children again several thousands. They men who created these shots are not welcome there is what I’ve read. This is insanity we have cure and there inexpensive malaria pills plus arithromyacin and vitamin D high dose. These Drs who prescribe this antibiotics are not paid to lie they want to save lives and get people well.

  5. Many do not understand that the vaccine is the same as the “mark of the beast” because you don’t get a mark on your forehead or on your hand, but the forehead represent the decisions you make because it is in your frontal lobe your decisions are made. Depending on your decisions you will, when the Lord’s Work is finished,end up with having either the “signature” of the beast on your frontal lobe or having the signature of the Lord the mind of Christ, on your forehead.
    The mind that your decisions has formed will then make your hand carry out the work that belongs to that signature, God’s Work or the work of the beast (the beast is the same as the human way of doing things).

    That the vaccine is the mark is confirmed by the greek word “Agora” which means that you cannot travel through,or visit public places, gatherings or market places.

    Every faithfull believer shall if they walk in obedience to the Lord end up with the signature of the Lord on their forehead/mind, only disobedience will instead end up with the other mark/mind.

    “Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the(family) trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. Rev.7:3

    “After this (after the first 144.000 were numbered) I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude (with the Lord’s signature in their foreheads), which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands Rev.7:9

    Observe that the beast only has the power to kill those who has received his mark, those who has the signature of the Lord will be supernaturally protected;
    “…and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. Rev.13:15

  6. Dear brother, thank you for warning.
    I had a dream where some well dressed men where watching how injections with overdoses were stuck into people. I found true articles that 5 people out of 45 died after getting this vaccine. They try to blame it on weak health condition of the patients. 1/3 are a high amount of “side effects”… Official depopulation agenda, no secret any longer.
    The number of 1/3 is not because of those 5 deaths, but because many got terrible health problems through these poisons, and the outcome of this will not be immunization, but death. Sadly, a slow death through cancer or other planned issues.
    The societies know this all. The globalists are playing GOD.
    Our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY never would want this done against humanity.
    Please pray COME LORD JESUS, COME !

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