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  1. I think the word repentance you are using may be you are really thinking humility there is such a thing as a carnal CHRISTIAN. Sin is prideful it is the humble that inherit the earth this was Jobs problem wrong theology led him in a wrong direction Jobs theology is wrong Satan has been removed from heaven No access Humility comes as one lets old things pass away and lets all things become new there is the sin which does easily beset us Hebrews 12 To the one who has accepted Jesus as Lord and savior this is paid in full the sin of the whole world is paid for in full but to access this you have to humble yourself and come to the cross and you die and Jesus is born in you (Jesus is born again) this makes you righteous not by anything you did but what Jesus did for you Then the understanding of the new testament needs to be opened to you so you can enforce what Jesus died to ratify (new Testament) take my yoke and learn of me is the instruction another be filled with the Spirt new testament commands we are left with to choose. There is unrighteousness spoke about in the New Testament which we confess but we never become a sinner again where the word repentance would apply (accept there is a sin unto death) Knowing you have been made righteous walking in the Spirit where there is no law against you because the Spirit leads you in the paths of righteousness

  2. Great word Veronica, I had the sense that the reason that repentance is the currency of the Kingdom of God is that true repentance is always followed by the blood of Jesus to cover the sins that we are repenting of. Satan can’t bare the sight of His blood that was poured out for us. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sister Veronika, this teaching SO blest my heart – very powerful, and yes, a ‘game changer’!  Thank you for sharing! I praise our Father for Words like this.  There is precedence in the Older Covenant for the SALT and the OIL – it is found in Lev. 2:13-16.
    Is this word “The Currency in Your Hands…” going to be transcribed?

  4. Day and night
    The SYSTEMS of the world are changing
    Behind CLOSED doors will be beyond HUMAN CONDITIONS. GOD’S WORD prophectically warn of THESE NOW & unknown unexpecteDLY events.
    When balls of fires struck at unlimited speed MANKIND will go DOWN
    The unexpected can’t run nor HIDE.

  5. The first gift the King gave his people was repentance: “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand . . .” we may want to unwrap this glorious present!

    Notice we repent for the sake of the King and His kingdom, and not for ourselves and our advancement. Its proximity? It is here!

    How would this direction “change” move the scales in the court of heaven, and allow its weight to come and be displayed in and to the earth? All allegiance and honor to King Jesus!

  6. I didn’t listen to this yesterday. I listened this morning. In this morning’s time with God I read Ezekiel 24, about the rusty pot. When Pastor Paul mentioned the burning at about 50:00, I was reminded of the pot being left to burn on the coals after the iniquity had been poured out, so as to remove the rust and make the pot good again.  Yesterday, I would not have had that reference.  Holy Spirit’s time is perfect!

  7. I was ministered in ways I cannot express with word. Thank you for sharing the revelation given to you by our Father. I repent for my lack of repentance and my hard heart. I start today a lifestyle of repentance and pray to have always a humble posture before my Father. I repent from wanting the drive through Mc Donald’s quick response with our the marinading in repentance in the secret place. I look forward to this journey as He purifies us, His remnant Bride!♥️

  8. Veronica,
    I had a dream last night about currency , I saw currency I was not familiar with, one of the notes was a forty dollar note.
    I don’t know of a country that has a forty dollar note. Perhaps this means something in the spiritual.
    Thankyou for explaining repentance.
    Praise the I AM

  9. Veronika, I thank you for sharing this! I have felt uneasy whenever the worship of God has been treated as a means for moving His hand rather than as an end in itself. The message that repentance is the currency in the Court of Heaven was both new and resonant.  It is also a timely word, because when the Lord brings judgement upon the wicked, it will be safer to think “but for the grace of God go I” than to gloat (which God really hates), which requires having repentance as a state of mind.

    • Hi

      What I was wondering is when Yeshuah said that Veronica heart was hard and she’s needs to repent. That’s hard to believe as if she has to repent in his presence what about us?
      I m thinking we all need to bow down and cry out in mercy for our families and nation.


      • Sister Veronika; Your TRUTHFUL Sacred Words Messages SELAH FROM HEAVEN’S, shall be presented and given pass to The Leader of U.S.A. OF 2018 to 2020, for full trail correctness’ to PRACTICE ♥♥♥HIS WILL WISDOMS for HIS children on earth♥♥♥.
        Some 48% mismanagement’s of the current HARDSHIP Walks walk’s with ♥♥♥HIM♥♥♥ as that Leader never took care, neither even try to change his own behavior’s to serve our HASHEM SHEMMAH SHAMA 24/7/366 when ♥♥♥HE ASSIGN us to Obey all & perform duties to HIS KINGDOM, AMÉN..!
        The leader tried to change clothes Intercessions, but the leader had habits that Our HASHEM couldn’t never accept at ♥♥♥HISKINGDOM REALMS WRITTEN LAWS♥♥♥; AMÉN..!

        • C.E.B.V.; TI 1-4; 1 TI 1.10; HEB 12; 2 TI 2; 1 CO 14; RV 8; RO 6-8; MK 12; LK 1-6; MT 23; HO 4; ;
          JR 17; PR 22; DT 25-28; LV 9 – 25 (3 TIMES READ’S)

            ♥♥♥HE LOVES YOU, by Your own MANIFESTATION DECLARATION TESTIMONY, as many shall see Your Video SURRENDERING to Our Fathers In Heavens. Your FAITH assisted You to OBEY ABBA calls to Cleanse Your complete SPIRIT GIVEN to You by The BLOOD of The Lamb♥♥♥
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