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Warning Message to The Church: A False Jesus & Apostasy — 6 Comments

  1. THERE is good news and bad
    These are not the days of Yea and Nay
    PREDATORS hunger for young blood
    Division within FAMILIES are now MURDER-SUICIDE fathers KILLING CHILDREN, mothers killing CHILDREN, CHILDREN plotting to MURDER parents (REVENGE, GREED, Occult & HATE)
    DIVINATION OF WITCHCRAFT (hexes, vexes, charms, voodoo, spell casting, demonic games, potions and candles HAS INCREASED…in the CHURCHES, TV, MUSIC VIDEOS and MOVIES)
    Famines, PESTILENCE and incoming diseases WORSE than COVID
    Sex TRAFFICKING _Jeffrey Epsteins around the globe (slave ships from foreign counties…young girls and boys, women.
    Violence crimes INCREASE with lack of law enforcement due to racial protests.
    Blind LEADING the BLIND political INJUSTICE, a broken water DOWN Congress government system. 1930s-1950s repeated

    YES this is WHO we ARE…evil evermore worsened.

  2. Some who have come to salvation after being in the New Age have have testified that they had formerly believed that there were in a relationship with Jesus until they later discovered that it had been a counterfeit “Jesus”.  A problem for the church is that it can easily be invaded by the New Age, whenever the importance of sound doctrine is down played.  It is then inevitable, but for the grace of God, that Christians too will end up mistaking a false Jesus for the true One.

    A careless attitude crept in with the ecumenical movement, when many Protestant Christians began to think that getting along with others who had significant theological differences in the name of “unity” trumped an emphasis on Biblical truth. Subsequently, there has also been an unfortunate tendency for many charismatic Christians to denigrate a concern for doctrine as being “intellectual” and, therefore, unspiritual, while elevating experience as being as being spiritual without following the Biblical injunction to test the spirits.

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    It might blow your previous assumptions.
    UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Is possible without the buts.
    Blessings ❤️❤️❤️

    THE REST will tell by darkness histories seeing.
    SELAH..! as it comes, AMÉN..!

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