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The Deaf Are Hearing The LORD’s Voice! — 2 Comments

  1. Yes my hearing is impaired can’t natural as as good spirtual need prayer to find gifts to opening it more God made us not we of are selves if any organ gets damaged we need miracles to be whole God created us whole by growth miracle what got damage neglected or disease to show Jesus made man women in garden he make anything out nothing if it’s will to please father to do so we ask that Jesus name

  2. Amen! Thank you for sharing these encouring, very needed words from the Lord.
    About a year ago I sat on the bus and felt a deep sorrow because of this evil time when I heard the Lord say “we are expecting better days”.

    He surely knows the exact words we need in every moment, and as evil increases I do not know if I hade managed to endure without remembering what He promised. I hope those words salong with yours will give hope to everyone who reads it.

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