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The LORD is Invading the Forces of Darkness — 7 Comments

  1. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! Thank you, for sharing this timely Word and Message from the Lord. I am in total agreement, God is drawing the lost sheep in the earth and will not lose one, Praise God. Jesus is the Light of the world, as He brings a Divine Light, in Divine Power, to shut down the plans of the devil, who think he has won the battle, but not so, God is using him for His own ultimate and All-Wise plan.

    Yes, I will give God All of the Glory, for He is Worthy to be Praised, Honored, Magnified and Glorified, throughout the earth. We have to be and desire to be at such a place of praying for the Holy Fire of the Holy Spirit to fall from heaven, to change the atmosphere, not business as usual, breaking off from tradition, formality, allowing the Holy Ghost to Divinely Move, Purge, Purify the souls.

  2. Pray God would open up theatre where greatest Show on Earth showing glory of God in face of Jesus christ and full.manifestations of gifts of spirit and glory wave demonstrated like Seymour Smith Wigglesworth and amie Semple mcpherson that place refuge from covid needles from civil war racasiom and poverty brutal violence from abusers of mankind revival refuge back in first Pentecost blaze of city angels

    • Amen! I stand in agreement for the True Glory to Fall from, the Holy Fire of the Holy Ghost, believers soaked in His Power, performing Divine Miracles, for the unbelieving, the evil doers to see, that God is Victorious and Jesus is still LORD of lords, KING of kings, Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and the End, The First and the Last.
      Praise His Holy Name!

  3. Pray for another azusa st where nerves arms legs missing limbs grows in early 1906 we riots and covil war George Floyd and king in past covid pushing half country riot to make church get back prayer that’s started Seymour revival he started shut in david e taylor 5 to 7 hours intense intersection into heavly bring down gifs glory fire David e Taylor on same quest

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