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The Doctrines of Hell — 7 Comments

  1. Pris, what a sobering wake up call the Lord is sending! wow is what this page looks like. The Lord is calling me to a time of SILENCE to listen and not pray for further guidance for this moment of time. Veronika’s message set me hair on end..We are in it for the long haul, unity, unity, unity, dear friend. xoxo Sandi

  2. Thank you Pris for this message. I covet your prayers for my family who are deceived by this doctrine of universalism where they believe that our Father is a loving father and will not let any one burn there.  I have shared scriptures with them but only the Lord can open their eyes and see the truth.  Thank you for your prayers in advance.  I am going to save this post in my word documents and ask the Lord to show me when to share this with them, in the mean time we all need to pray for these innocent people who are being deceived by the evil one while there is still time. Much love and hugs to you.

    • Father, give them dreams & speak Your truth to ghem in Jesus’ name. Break the power of perversion, pride, deception & false religion of whoredoms off of them in Jesus name!

  3. Shalom Priscilla,

    I just read your post. All true. My post above is what I heard in my Spirit in the middle of the night -and felt I needed to send it. I think it corroborates the same seriousness of your Word today. Heaven is speaking.

    Very sobering days we are entering. Thank God for Jesus. For the joy of being His – for salvation.

  4. Thank you Pris for some can be saved no other way. We can’t sugar coat the gospel.
    Sweet blessings as we seek to rescue the perishing. Love always warns. ❤️

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