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  1. I do think that a spectacular collapse of evil strongholds happened later in the day that you received this. I saw it in regards of the mortgage market, worldwide. Blessings.

  2. Powerful truths Liz! Time for a reckoning for sure. After reading Veronika’s warning and revelation, I am trying to pull it all together for the Lord spoke clearly to me to enter a time of Silence for further directions for intercession and prophesy. Thanks for sharing, mighty woman of God. Sandi

  3. Hello Rev. Cassutto, thank you for this powerful word from the Lord!!! The following words caught my eye: My Word cannot return void. I AM removing generational principalities and demonic strongholds.” I have been praying for salvation for my family and repenting of the sins of the ancestors and breaking curses that are in the blood line so that my famiy can be free and see the salvation of the Lord.  I am standing in the gap and the enemy has been against me for some time but I know the Lord is fighting on our behalf.  I feel confirmation through these words posted here that God is doing something big on our behalf.  Thank you again and blessings to you and yours!!!

  4. Profezia potente! Già mi sembra di contemplare con questi occhi il mio Redentore e gli Eserciti del Cielo! Il cuore dal desiderio mi si consuma.

    [ HKP : “Powerful prophecy! I already seem to contemplate my Redeemer and the Armies of Heaven with these eyes! My heart is consumed by desire.” ]

  5. This is a most powerful Word Elizabeth that deeply spoke to me.
    Some things Im sitting on right now to be released later in Holy Spirits prompting & timong. Prayers, love & blessings.
    Thank you precious lady!

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