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The Dream, The Explosion, The Tsunami — 5 Comments

  1. Back in 2016, I had several dreams of a tsunami heading towards downtown Chicago. The first one I was on the beach and I looked towards the water and saw a big wave heading towards us, I started to grab and drag people to get them to safety, but it was too late. I woke up after. The 2nd dream, which happened sometime in the same year, I was in downtown Chicago on State Street, next to the Macy’s, where my husband used to work at, and suddenly I saw a big wave coming towards us. The wave was carrying a cruise ship, as well and it crashed into the buildings. All of downtown was flooded and everyone in the basement level was drowning. My husband worked as security and his office was in the Macy’s basement level. I remember hearing people screaming and crying and all I could think of was me trying to save my husband. FYI, In 2016, my husband was trying to divorce me. During that painful time,I kept having prophetic dreams about everything he was going to do prior and after he asked for the divorce, and all the dreams came true, which is why the tsunami dreams really conflicted me. Another dream I recall from that year was the aftermath of the tsunami..the whole Chicagoland was flooded. I could see the Chicago river had risen as well and overflowing. The waters were murky and I was not able to get around in a vehicle. I was on a row boat. By then I was looking for signs of life, but mostly my parents, who live there. I was able to find them, but many people had perished. It was a sad sight. My heart was broken. I woke up crying from these dreams and prayed about them. I still don’t understand what these meant, but God is near and even now more than before it is evident. God bless.

  2. I had a tsunami dream as well around early 2018. It was terrifying! We need to fast and pray according to Luke 21:36,God have mercy on us all, in Jesus’s Name Amen!

  3. My daughter who is 11 years old told me yesterday August 1, 2018 that she had a dream of a Tsunami.  Thank you for sharing your dream woman of God. P.S I live in New York.

  4. I had a similar dream. I too am praying, I live on the East Coast. The Lord showed me 2 others that would see this and send out a warning.

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